Mousehole Christmas Lights


Mousehole is a little village and fishing port in the West of Cornwall, which every year has fantastic Christmas lights. I would definitely recommend going to see them if you never have before, and if you have been, then I know you won’t need any convincing! A lot of the villages that you go through on the way to Mousehole now have an abundance of their own Christmas lights as well, which makes the experience even better!


Mousehole Christmas Lights


For any non-locals, a word of caution – you will probably be sniggered at if you pronounce it as “mouse hole”, it should be pronounced as “Mowzel”….what can I say, we Cornish are a particular bunch who love to confuse non-natives with our tongue twister or completely seemingly randomly pronounced place names!


I love going to see the Mousehole lights, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas if I didn’t! Also whilst visiting Mousehole it is always worth popping in to Janner’s fish and chip shop, who in my opinion have the best fish and chips in the whole of Cornwall that I have experienced so far!


In 1930 Dylan Thomas described Mousehole as “the loveliest village in England”, and certainly at Christmas time when it is all lit up, and the atmosphere is so Christmassy and jovial that I can certainly see why! There have been Christmas lights here since 1963 other than once in 1973 due to power cuts.




This year the Mousehole lights will be switched on, on the 13th December at 7.30pm with an open air choir performing, and then the lights will be on every night from 5pm til 11pm until Saturday 3rd January apart from the 19th December when the lights will be dimmed from 8 til 9pm. They dim the lights on this date in memory of the Penlee lifeboat crew of Solomon Browne who all lost their lives on 19th December 1981 whilst attempting to rescue the crew of the MV Union Star, whose crew also perished.


Let me know if you do go, and what you thought! Also feel free to let me know of any other fab Christmas lights displays in the Southwest! Each year you can check the date that they’ll be lit and other details on the Mousehole Lights website.


Stevie x



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