Mousehole – Not Just For Christmas

When you hear or come across any mention of Mousehole, the recurring theme is always its amazing Christmas lights. However, this year when visiting Mousehole – admittedly to see their amazing Christmas lights – I actually strayed from my usual festive viewing and ventured into some shops, galleries and a lovely cafe that I will mention in a while.




I’ve discovered that Mousehole has ridiculously amazing shops and galleries, so much so that in all the shops we went into, and all the gallery window we drawled over, there was maybe a sum total of around 5 items that I did not want to buy! I settled on a photo frame and a small wall hanging from my favourite shop ‘The Mousehole’ , and a promise from Si to take me back in April around my birthday time!




Aside from the lovely sleeping cat in the shop, with a small piece of paper resting on his back asking us to please not disturb him….


The Mousehole Cat


….the shop was filled with several wonders. From handbags, jewellery, scarves and notebooks to novelty but not ‘tacky’ mugs and driftwood picture frames, I could easily have emptied my bank account several times over in there!


The Mousehole


The women behind the counter were also helpful, friendly and chatty, which always helps, as believe me even if the most appealing amazing goods in your store, if you are rude to me I won’t be buying a thing!


I think Si’s favourite part of our visit to Mousehole was as usual ruled by his stomach, and his tea addiction! We found a lovely cafe called Pam’s Pantry tucked away in a side street, and my hot chocolate as pictured at the top of this post was amazingly naughty but nice!


Si had toasted teacakes, and a pot of tea that would have served a family of seven! Their menu was simple, yet delicious sounding, and I look forward to going back at a time when I’m not already full from dinner! They had a sign up as well for coffee / tea and your choice of cake (they all looked amazing!) for just £3.95!


This is me inside Pam’s Pantry sneaking a quick check of my blog when I didn’t think Si was paying attention…




There is a lot more of Mousehole that I have yet to experience and I’m sure enjoy, so I definitely look forward to going back. One thing I would say to visitors is to not just take Mousehole at face value, delve deeper into its side streets, and you will find all manner of delights!


If you are looking for other places to visit in Cornwall, then try Padstow and Carnewas which are both lovely!

Stevie x


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