My 2018 Bucket List - A Cornish Mum

My 2018 Bucket List


January 2018 – My Bucket List for 2018


This year I’m not making any New Year’s Resolutions as such, it seems slightly pointless as I never stick to them ha! 20 years on from first resolving to not bite my nails, I still do.


I am also not going to be doing my Monthly Bucket List posts any more, instead I am writing a Bucket List for 2018 with all the things that I want to achieve/hope to do in. That way, I can tick things off throughout the year and then look back at the end of the year and see just how many things I have managed to achieve off of my list.


Some of these are already on my Forty before 40 list, so I am hoping to tick them off of both lists this year! Here goes, my aims and hopes for 2018 in list format and in no particular order.


My 2018 Bucket List - A Cornish Mum


Visit another country – We were so lucky to be chosen to go to Universal Orlando Resort in 2017 and I am hoping 2018 will involve more travel for us.


Visit all of the Cornish National Trust properties that I haven’t visited yet – I have already been to Lanhydrock, Trelissick, Cotehele, The Old Post Office and St Michael’s Mount.


Find a new hobby that I love – I’m planning on trying lots of new things, including crafts and more to find something that I love doing.


Save enough money for an iPad Pro – I’m not 100% sure this one will happen, as they are expensive eek but I’m hoping I can buy one eventually by saving a bit at a time.


Take Si away for another night just the two of us – We managed this one in 2017 by going to The Land’s End Hotel and in 2016 at The Moorland Garden Hotel, both of which were amazing stays. As much as we love the boys, it is so nice to get away just the two of us for a night occasionally.


Geocaching – We’ve never been but, my eldest kept asking if he could and it sounds like a fun thing to try. We have friends who love it, so I’ll be asking them how the heck you actually do it!


Watch the National Fireworks Championships – Si loves fireworks and we have been to this a few times before and loved it but, we missed it last year. I definitely want to go again and make sure that Si gets to as well.


Go to Blackpool or Alton Towers with the boys and Si – Universal Studios proved to us that the boys are adrenaline junkies who love rollercoasters, so I would love to be able to treat them and Si to a break somewhere with big rides this year.


Go to BlogOn Xmas again – I loved BlogOn last year and I’m hoping to go again this year in September.


Learn how to make a decent pasty – I need to learn how to cook more/better full stop but, I especially want to learn how to make a really good pasty. Si, Fin and I love them. My cooking really needs to improve and it is definitely something that I will be working on in 2018.


Have our sheds finished at last – This one kind of (completely) depends on Si, since he’s doing all the work. For too long now we’ve had a tumble dryer plonked in the middle of our kitchen and general chaos everywhere else with tools etc everywhere, so this year I am hoping is the one where that all gets sorted.


Reach 15k on Instagram – I’m already on 13,340 as of today but, Instagram has become so hard to grow in recent months, so even a year may be a struggle for this target ha! It’s a bit crappy since it became so much more like Facebook on there and lost the ‘instant’ Insta part of Instagram but, it is something that I want to work on more this year and stop neglecting.


Bake a cake that isn’t a disaster – If you read my PieGate and Other Kitchen Disasters post on here, you’ll know what a disaster my cakes can be.


Lose 2 stone – I have it all planned out but, then I’m a bit of a disaster when it comes to weight loss, so we’ll see how it goes!


Have a spa day – I have had a facial this year for the first time ever but, I really want a proper spa day at some point as this is something that I’ve never done before.


Walk to the top of Brown Willy – FYI this is a place in Cornwall.


Visit St Nectan’s Glen – I have no idea how I have never been here before.


Go to a big Christmas Fayre – I was a bit lacking in festive spirit last year, so this Christmas I want to make up for that and enjoy it to the fullest.


Staycation in a cottage – I would love to stay in a cosy cottage with an open fire this year. For Christmas would be amazing but, we’ll see what happens! I’d love to visit Scotland, so combining both would be amazing.


Learn how to use my camera in manual mode – I really want to get walking more again this year and taking photos is a great encouragement for me to do so. I want to learn how to take the best photos that I can with my DSLR and to use it a lot more too, as I often go for the easy option of using my phone.


That’s all that I can think of for now, I may well add to this list in the next week or so. However, looking above I am pretty excited for 2018 and all that it may hopefully bring.


What’s on your wish list for this year?


Stevie x


  • Rick Phillips

    I am 60 and my list is has many items, but one is to parachute. I think 2018 might be the year. I have been loosing weight to get in range and I am close. This year could be my year. My second, to ride the donkeys to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (more weight issues) but maybe next year for that.

  • jo liddement

    It’s a great idea to make a big list like you have and then at the end of the year you can see what you have accomplished. I want to eat more probiotic foods this year to boost my immunity.Have never suffered so many colds last year and want to see a healthy new year. I would also love to take my son on one of the Wildlife cruises from Falmouth which isn’t very far from where i live so no excuses! Good luck with your list this year Stevie and have a very Happy New Year :)

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Happy New Year Jo and thank you! Ha we did one of the Falmouth wildlife cruises and typically we didn’t really see anything other than Cormorants, whereas a few weeks later there were lots of dolphins apparently :)

    Stevie x

  • Sammie

    I have never had a bucket list so reading yours was genuinely interesting. Getting away for a night with your partner, now that’s something I’ve wanted for hubby and I for ages. Not just to … but chat without being interrupted. Obviously where Pastry and cakes are concerned I have a foolproof all butter pastry recipe on my blog . Geocaching my friend @confarreo has a fab blog explaining all about it. Instagram is a nightmare, one less number as I’ve just followed you! I’m in awe of a fireworks championship, where??? Finally tumble dryer. We all live with a certain amount of chaos, I hope the sheds get built so yours can be reduced.

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