Five Favourite blog posts May 2017

My Favourite Five Blog Posts May 2017


Each month I feature five blog posts from five bloggers that I have really enjoyed reading recently. They may be older posts I have only just read or brand new posts. Why not check them out?


Five Favourite blog posts May 2017


My first favourite post comes from a bloggy friend of mine Martyn who blogs at Inside Martyn’s Thoughts.


With his post Mother’s Day 2017 – My Top Five Mum Blogs. This was a post that I was featured in and he said some really lovely things, which really meant a lot, thank you Mr K!


Secondly there’s Tin Box Traveller.


One of my favourites this month is actually a Cornwall day out, that isn’t my own shockingly ha! The lovely Claire from the Tin Box Traveller blog visited theĀ Cornwall Seal Sanctuary, somewhere that I am not even sure if I have ever been. Reading her post, I want to go now though.


Tin Box Traveller blog


My third choice is from the lovely Colette of We’re Going on An Adventure.

Colette has a beautiful blog and the post that caught my eye recently was I’ve Been Blogging For Five Years. I love posts like this all about the positives of blogging and just positive posts in general. Blogging really can change your life – cheesy but true.


We're Going on an Adventure blog


The awesome Beth of Twinderelmo is my fourth post choice


With her post Learning to Love Again about social media. As bloggers we do put so much pressure on ourselves and it was as if Beth was writing exactly what had been inside of my head recently.




Lastly (these are not in any sort of order) my final choice comes from My Three and Me


Their Terry’s Chocolate Orange Millionaire Shortbread looks and sounds amazing. I may NEED it very soon.


That’s my favourite five for this month and I’m looking forward to finding another five over the next month too! There are so many fantastic blogs out there.


Stevie x


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