My Likes and Loves: December 2018


I’m a little bit late with my monthly list of things that I’ve liked and loved this time, I blame still being in Christmas hibernation mode!


Framed Christmas card and decorations


Anyway, here’s my happy list of things that I liked and loved in December. It won’t be a huge list, as I spent a lot of it just relaxing at home – living the dream ha!




I obviously had to add this one, since it’s a major part of December. We had a really lovely Christmas this year, very relaxed with a friend around for lunch and then Si’s parents and the same friend also there for tea. So I did do more cooking than usual, but amazingly for me the cooking went really well and all tasted delicious.


The food is one of my favourite parts of Christmas along with family time – which we also had plenty of. I absolutely love everything about Christmas, this year even my cactus got decorated a bit ha!


Christmas cactus decorations




Si’s Mum bought the boys some flowers to give to me just before Christmas and amazingly they’re still alive, I’ve never known flowers to last so long. They are beautiful and it was so lovely of her. Considering Si’s parents only live 2 doors away, it’s a good job they are so lovely and we all get on so well. They’ve always been so lovely to me and the boys.


festive flowers liked and loved


Being Frugal


This bit kicked in after Christmas obviously! I started off with finding new uses for old Christmas cards, I’ve also been using leftovers a lot more instead of throwing away and looking into more ways to save money. Partly necessity at this time of year and partly because I’ve been trying to be less wasteful and I’m actually enjoying finding new ideas. I’ll be sharing some on the blog over the coming weeks and months.


New Earrings


Despite being frugal (ish) I did treat myself to some new earrings with my Christmas money that I was gifted. I bought some star hoops from Lucy Kemp Jewellery, which is handmade in Cornwall. One of my sort of resolutions this year is to try and buy local more often and to try to showcase small businesses and talented individuals in Cornwall more.


The earrings are gorgeous.


Lucy Kemp jewellery star hoop earrings


December was a wonderfully lazy month spent with my favourite people. I hope your December and Christmas was good?


Stevie x

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