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My Likes and Loves in April 2017


Every month I write this post and it is for me as much as it is for my blog. I like to look back at all my likes and loves for the month, it means that no matter how rubbish a month may have seemed for various reasons, I can always see that there were so many good bits to remember.


It’s pretty much my happy list. So here goes a list of things that I have liked and loved in April 2017.


Having the boys at home


I love the school holidays, not only do I get lie ins and not have to get dressed at the crack of dawn, but I also get to spend time with my two favourite people. We had a lot of illness over the holiday, which meant that my other favourite person Si was home with us for part of it poorly. However, we still had a lovely break from school and I got to see all three of them a lot.


My birthday


I turned 34 this month and although I was ill for most of the day, we still got to go out with family for a meal. I also got to see my Mum and little sisters for the first time in ages as they were down for a break from Stourbridge. I had some lovely presents including a gorgeous Cornishware mug with my name on that I have wanted forever, that one of my best bloggy friends sent to me.


Cornishware mug - likes and loves for April 2017


Esya Spa


I went with the lovely Hayleigh of Budget Food Mummy to the VIP relaunch of the spa at Retallack Resort here in Cornwall this month. Named ESYA, which means ‘at ease’ in Cornish we were treated to some pretty amazing tasting food and drink. I had virgin cocktails as I was driving and we were both given a spa treatment to try out.


I had my first ever spa treatment ever, which was a facial and I have no idea why I had never been to a spa before, as it was wonderful. I have a bit of  a hankering for a full spa day now! I’ve decided once I lose my first stone in my weight loss plan that I am about to start, that I will reward myself with a spa day for definite. Now that’s something worth working towards!


ESYA Spa Retallack Resort Cornwall - A Cornish Mum


Woodovis Park


I know I said last month that we don’t go away every month … but we did go away again and we have another stay planned as well… Anyway this month we were invited to review the wonderful Woodovis Park and had one of the most relaxing weekend breaks that I have had in a very long time. At one point we even had the swimming pool to ourselves for  couple of hours.


Woodovis swimming pool


Pendennis Castle


This was another outing with Hayleigh and all four of our children. We went to Pendennis Castle and had such a lovely day. Despite the age gap between our children, they all get on well and the boys enjoy being chased around by the mini people. Both of Hayleigh’s children are so cute, slightly mad just like my two and are a lot of fun.


Pendennis Castle


Cotehele House


When we were away at Woodovis Park, we popped to the beautiful Cotehele House. I love having a mooch around National Trust properties and the frugal side of me likes that we’ve made the most of our memberships. The gardens there were beautiful with flowers everywhere.


Cotehele gardens - flowers


What have you liked and loved in April?


Stevie x


  • Rachel

    Ohhh your first spa treatment. How exciting. I went to a spa last Friday with bestie (funnily enough you chat to her a bit on Instagram and she is your biggest fan haha) and it was so so lovely. Happy belated birthday lovely. Loving having a good mooch through your blog again.

  • Mrs Lighty

    Happy belated birthday! I’ve never been to a spa either. I think I need to change that! Glad you had a wonderful first experience. Woodovis Park looks lovely too! Thanks so much for hosting #likedandloved

  • Amy - Mama Loves Lochy

    My boy is 10 weeks old so I’m thankfully a long way away from the dreaded school run, although that said there’s still early mornings – I can just stay in my PJs!!
    That mug is gorgeous, I think I might have to put one on my wishlist too!!

    Here’s to an awesome May! xx

  • Emma

    I love doing a monthly round up post :) They’re not my most popular so they’re more for me and as a record to look back on. Sometimes I think those are the best posts :)

  • Helena

    Sorry to read that you were poorly around your birthday. It’s good that it didn’t stop you from celebrating with a meal.That spa sure looks like a lovely treat and those flowers are beautiful.

  • natalie

    Sounds like a really lovely month. Firstly, Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a lovely day. I am with you on the holidays – lazy mornings are so much nicer than the stressful school run! #likedandloved

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