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My Likes and Loves: January 2018


January is a bit of a funny month, with the majority of us trying to squeeze back into our pre-Christmas clothes again and all the excitement of Christmas a distant memory. Thankfully I still had a lot to like and love this month and I hope that you did too.


Here are the highlights from my month, all the things that I liked and loved.


The Cornish Seal Sanctuary


We went there for the first time this month and we all loved it. We’re planning to go back again in the spring when it’s a bit warmer to do some of the gorgeous walks there, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Cornwall. Si took the photo below – I have to tell you this or he moans and calls me a thief.


Seal at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary


Instagram competition win


I entered a competition on Instagram and won! It was for a parcel a month for twelve months from the lovely Love Me Doodles who you can find on Etsy. This month I had this really cute card and gift labels through my door, which I love.


Bright spark and with love


My blog turning three


My blog officially turned three years old earlier this month, which seems slightly mad as that time has flown by. I’m still loving writing it and I’m pretty proud of my little space on the internet.


Blog Birthday


The winter duvet


Slightly stupidly I’d been waking up in the night because I was cold during December, because I had forgotten that I still had our thin summer duvet on the bed. Now that the snuggly winter one is on it is so much more cosy, the only problem being it does make it harder to drag myself out of bed.


My email picking up again


Blog work is very much feast or famine at times, some months I can barely keep up with my emails and work levels and then there will be a month or two where my inbox goes quiet and my bank account starts to look a bit worse for wear! The joy of being self employed ha, luckily there are other perks! Anyway after a very quiet period, I now have a busier inbox again thankfully.


Trying new things


I spend so much of my time in front of a screen and/or stressing over ridiculous things, that I’ve decided this year to try and find some relaxing hobbies to do that as an alternative to both ha! First off I’ve been trying crochet, which it so much harder than I thought it could be. I’m determined to master it though and I’m enjoying the challenge.


wool/yarn and crochet hooks


What was ace about your January? If you’re a blogger and fancy writing a post like this, my #LikedandLoved linky goes live on the 27th of every month!


Stevie x


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