Gorse and blue skies - geocaching
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My Likes and Loves: January 2019


I won’t lie, this month’s post has been trickier as there’s been a lot to stress over. However, as always this post is all about only the happy parts of my month.


Late sunrises


I usually hate the dark mornings in the winter, but it has meant that I have seen some absolutely gorgeous sunrises on the school run! Especially the one in the photos below that I popped to Charlestown to see on one freezing cold morning.


Harbour at Charlestown sunrise


Beach sunrise Charlestown


Si’s DIY skills


This is a trying to be positive one ha! Basically we’ve had damp issues suddenly in two of the bedrooms – the two we’d most recently finished decorating of course, which was due to a lack of insulation in the walls.


Thankfully though Si has fixed one room relatively easily and although the other room is a bigger job, I am so relieved that Si is a bit of DIY genius, as otherwise the repair work would be costing us a small fortune rather than just quite a lot of money.


Phonecalls from school and new jumpers


My youngest becomes a teenager in February eek and he is suddenly growing at a ridiculous rate and is now taller than me. This means that he is going through clothes at a ridiculous rate, luckily we were asked by Teenzshop if we would like a new hoody for him – in return for mentioning the hoody here if he liked it, which he clearly does. How typically ‘teen’ does he look in the photo below?! Too busy to pose for a photo and on his PS4 ha!


He’s made me very proud this week too, as I had a phone call from one of his teachers to pretty much say how brilliant she thinks he is. Always nice to hear.


The boy and his new jumper


Blog Birthday


Crazily my blog is now 4 years old, that time has flown by and I am still so glad that I took the plunge and hit publish on that first post back then.




I’m not usually one to enjoy cooking or to do it very well, but this month I’ve been baking cookies and flapjacks with the teenager and they were really good. He’s especially good at making them disappear afterwards too!




The teen and I have also had fun geocaching again, we both enjoy it and the exercise is pretty much our ‘PE for homeschool.


Gorse and blue skies - geocaching


Paying off my credit card


I have been trying to pay off my credit card for ages and with a little help from Si I’ve managed to do it and now I am not using it at all on purpose, I hate having any debt.




This is a last minute unexpected addition to my list, it actually snowed in Cornwall today a lot. I;m now hoping it means there wn’t be any school tomorrow because it’s a bit icy. I love the snow it is so pretty, I do feel sorry for the people still stranded tonight though!


How was your month?


Stevie x



  • Angela Webster

    Well done on paying off your credit card, I bet that feels really good. I’ve noticed the mornings are starting to get lighter, on the school run this week the sun was rising and the moon was still out much to the kids delight. I hope February is a better month for you x

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