Amazing bathroom at The Alverton hotel
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My Likes and Loves: June 2018


What an amazingly sunny month it has been! I have been full of hayfever sadly, but this post is only about the good bits of my month so here’s my list of all the happy likes and loves of June 2018 for me.


A Stay at The Alverton Hotel


My review post for this will be live very soon, as it was a review stay. Si and I had dinner and then a night away just the two of us at The Alverton Hotel in Truro, which is less than half an hour away from where we live in St Austell.


I love going on a night away just the two of us, we stay close enough to home not to worry if we needed to rush back for any reason, but just spending time away from the house just the two of us is always fantastic. As much as we both love the boys, sometimes we need to switch off and do something just for us. The hotel is beautiful and our suite had some serious wow factor. Here’s a little sneak peek of the bathroom…


Amazing bathroom at The Alverton hotel


Tarquin’s Gin


I only actually tried my first gin and tonic in the last couple of years and although I don’t drink very often at all, I have definitely developed a taste for it. The one I always order at any bar now if Tarquin’s gin, as so far it is most definitely my favourite. It’s also a Cornish brand, which is something I always like to support if I can.


Tarquin's Gin and Tonic


Apple Crumble


This was my dessert at The Alverton Hotel – rhubarb and apple crumble with not only custard, but also a huge dollop of clotted cream. Literally the best crumble that I have ever tasted and I have tasted a lot, since crumble is one of the desserts that I can never resist.


Apple Crumble


Beach walks


I stayed indoors a lot this month due to hayfever and it actually put me in such a funk. I’ve pushed through that though, found a hayfever treatment that works well for me this year – Beconase nose spray in case you’re a fellow sufferer, it is well worth a try – and today I went for a walk on the beach and had a paddle in the sea.


The sea was actually so warm and it was the best way to start the day!



I will leave it at that this month, although I may add to this post if I suddenly remember something amazing that I have somehow forgotten to add!


What was great about your June?


Stevie x


  • Mary

    That crumble has my mouth watering, especially with the additions of custard and clotted cream! Both of those things aren’t really used all that much in the US and Canada, so they’ve been some of my fave food “discoveries” over here haha. That hotel looks amazing, what a lovely time!! xx

  • Life at No.6

    I’d completely forgotten you do this linky! So glad I found it again!

    That apple crumble looks absolutely amazing! xx

  • Newcastle Family Life

    That looks like an amazing place to have a mini break, the bathroom looks fabulous! I bet you are glad to be able to get out and about in the sunshine now you have found a hayfever remedy that works. I hope you have a wonderful July xx

  • Suzanne

    I’m so with you on this need to escape as a couple every now and again. Why go far away from home? My kids are alright to leave at home for one night now as the eldest is 18 and it’s given us a new lease of life! The apple crumble looks amazing and I’m up for trying any kind of gin – it looks yummy with an orange slice :) Thanks for hosting the linky. xx

  • Helena

    Sorry to read you have been suffering from hayfever. Am in agreement with you that time away just the two of you is a great thing and I love apple crumble. I once had some with treacle and that was even more delicious..

  • Sarah

    That bathroom looks amazing! I do love a good crumble too. I’m a fellow hayfever sufferer and have been since I was little – oddly mine almost disappeared when I was pregnant, and although it came back it’s not as bad as it used to be. I still need antihistimines, nasal spray and eye drops when it’s bad though. Sorry for the super late commenting btw :) #LittleLoves

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