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My Likes and Loves: March 2018


Time again for my monthly happy post all about the things that I have been liking and loving recently. This time for March 2018.


Sunshine and Padstow


Si and I went for a gorgeous walk today along a coastal path from Padstow and also had lunch in Padstow itself. It was lovely eating lunch out and even more lovely having such a scenic walk. I love Padstow, although I won’t be going back for a while until the school holidays end as it does get so busy, as everyone else loves it too especially holiday makers!


Padstow harbour boats




The photo below is one that I used for a competition on my site that’s live at the moment and eek I love how the tulip and the petals make it look. I’ve fallen in love with tulips this month, I definitely want to grow some in the garden when we finally sort the garden. How amazing are the colours of the petals?! They remind me of rhubarb and custard sweets!


Alienwork watch




I was sent some gorgeous earrings lately as part of an Instagram collaboration and although I wasn’t asked to share them on here, they are definitely on my likes and loves list for this month! They’re so sparkly and I also really like how my photo of them turned out, Cornwall is a handy photo backdrop. They’re from Silver Story.




Beach walks


With the weather warming up, I am loving walking on the beach in the sunshine at the moment. Crossed fingers the warmer weather continues, or at least the sun sticks around.


Beach days Par beach Cornwall


Essential Cuisine Stocks


Essential Cuisine sent me samples of their concentrated stocks to try and then to share on here if I liked them. Well I do, so here they are in the photo below! So far I have tried the chicken and the beef ones and loved both of them. You only need to use a couple of teaspoons each time, so they really last as well.


If you pop to the Essential Cuisine website, you can even order free samples to try their products before you buy.


essential cuisine stocks


Weight loss


I am finally getting my weight to head in the right direction, I’m four lbs down so far and hoping to increase that number. I won’t lie though I am struggling with it, so feel free to give me any tips!


Craft Magazines


I’ve been lucky enough to be working with magazine.co.uk recently and because of that have been receiving two amazing magazines. One of those Let’s Get Crafting came with the most amazing yellow yarn/wool this month, that I am planning to use soon once my skills are up to making something great with it.


I love that the magazines come with free gifts, they’ve kept me in yarn and crafting projects recently!


Let's Get Craftng magazine


I am probably forgetting something, as I usually do ha! It really has been a lovely month, I hope yours has been brilliant too.


Stevie x


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