Mother's Day picnic sunny day
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My Likes and Loves in March 2017


Here’s my usual round-up post of the things that I have really liked and loved for the month. This time it’s my likes and loves for March 2017.


Mother’s Day Picnic


Yesterday Si and the boys took me for a picnic that they made themselves for me. It was for Mother’s Day, but we went a day early as it was such a beautiful day. 17 degrees in March and at times it felt hotter too. It really was such a lovely day and so sweet of them to do.


The blue and red specks in the distance in the photograph below are the boys climbing trees. Considering how ill my eldest was on Friday, it was a relief that he was well enough to be running around the next day.


Mother's Day picnic sunny day




I’m sure you’ll all start to think that we’re never home, but ordinarily we don’t go away every month honestly. Though erm we are off to Devon during the Easter holidays. Anyway earlier this month we went to Dorset for an adventure that the lovely Travelodge sent us all on. Corfe Castle and a steam train ride to Swanage.


It was just such a perfect little break, our first time in Dorset, but certainly not our last and we loved it. It really is a very beautiful place.


Corfe Castle Dorset


Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint


We had a bar of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint in our most recent Degustabox – review post coming soon – and wow it’s amazing. Not great for my weight loss aims, but the combination of minty and crunchy is delicious.


Dubble Trubble


We were sent the Daniel Galvin Dubble Trubble 2 in 1 shampoo and body washes to include in this post if we loved them once we tried them and since they’re here, then you know we did. The Cherry Bomb is a new addition to the range and the boys both really like it.


They love the smell of all of the ones we tried, but my favourite part is that they’re 2-in-1. Normally when the boys are in the shower, they end up shouting to me as they can never remember which shampoo they should be using and which shower gel. This is partly my fault, as there is a bit of a selection there to choose from.


With the 2-in-1 they don’t have to drive me mad shouting to me over the sound of the water. Not only that, but by buying it, you are helping to raise money for The Prince’s Trust. To date this range has raised an amazing £50,000 for the cause! You can find it in Tesco and Ocado shops.


Dubble Trubble hair products


DIY and Decorating Progress


Apart from an extra something that we want to do in Finley’s room, it is finally all finished. I can’t wait to write the post about it to show you all the photos and what an amazing job Si has done. I helped a bit. Harley’s room is almost finished now as well, though we still have a sofa bed to buy for him.


Both rooms are looking so good and they both finally have their own space, which they really did need. Our own bedroom is full of tools and will be until the outside sheds are finally finished. We’ve really made progress this month though and I’m so happy about it.


Artisan Enamels Necklace


I was sent a gorgeous necklace and earrings set from Artisan Enamels this month simply to say thank you for following them on Twitter. Really so nice of them and all they asked was for me to give them a bit of feedback privately on what I thought of it. You can find them on Twitter under the handle @artisan_enamels . They don’t have a website up and running at the moment, but I’ll be sharing it once they do. Absolutely gorgeous and they make everything by hand.


Artisan Enamels necklace and earrings


I hope you all had a wonderful March as well and have an even better April!


Stevie x


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  • Plutonium Sox

    Wow, you’ve been super busy! Lovely outdoor photos and I’m glad the DIY is going well. We went for a picnic yesterday too, it was beautiful weather.

  • Astrid

    What a lovely, positive post! You got some lovely new things and experiences. I stumbled across your linky and thought I’d check out your post. I will hopefully link up a post myself too.

  • Helena

    There are some lovely things here for sure. I particularly love discovering new places, handmade pieces and gorgeous smelling products. It sounds like you had lots of lovely treats.

  • RachelSwirl

    I am yet to visit Dorset, it looks lovely though as does the Mothers day picnic. My mothers day was mainly filled with pulling pints whereas yours looks idyllic!

  • Emma

    I’m so glad picnic season is here! It’s so cute of your boys to do that for you :) We had a picnic in the park for my son’s first birthday last year and it was perfect. Fingers crossed for something similar this year.

  • Newcastle Family Life

    A mother’s day picnic sounds lovely. I would love to visit Dorset it always looks so lovely, although it is a bit of a trek from Newcastle. It sounds like you have had a busy and brilliant month xx

  • Abi - Something About Baby

    Love that they made a Mother’s Day picnic for you, that is so sweet. We are hopefully moving soon and I can’t wait to get stuck into some DIY, I can’t wait to see the photos you share of Finley’s room! #LikedandLoved

  • Mrs Lighty

    I love the idea of a Mother’s Day picnic and I hope the weather is nice next year as I’d like to do this. Looking forward to reading more about your renovations! Thanks for hosting #LikedandLoved xxx

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