Monthly Bucket List
Monthly Bucket List

My Monthly Bucket List – August 2015

I refuse to say how fast this month has gone, as I keep sounding old. It is however time again for my monthly bucket list post to see how I’ve done with my previous goals and to make some new ones for the month ahead. You can check my previous ones out in my Monthly Bucket List section.

Monthly Bucket List August

Here’s how I got on this month with my list:

  • Do a good job on my first Approved Family Friendly assessment visit – This went really well, our caravan was lovely and Hendra was the cleanest holiday park site I have ever seen.

Hendra Holiday Park

  • To give Fin a great birthday – My biggest ‘mini’ man is now 11 and he had a great birthday while we were away. He did all his favourite things, played football, swam, ate pizza, made new friends and played on the 2p machines just to name some of them.
  • Increase my stats and followers as always – I didn’t think I had a chance of upping my blog views this month because I had such a great month, but to my amazement I have managed it.

When I wrote my last bucket list there had been 25584 site views on my blog, as of today there have now been 34365, which is my highest so far since my blog started in January.

My Twitter was at 4431 followers and now I have 5310

My Facebook page was at 667 likes, and now has 726, definitely a slow one to grow, but it’s getting there.

Instagram was 1806 now 2184

Pinterest was 2569 and now is at 2706, I’ve pretty much forgotten to work on this one this month!

WordPress/Email I always forget about, but last month was at 183 and is now at 212, I follow back any WordPress subscribers by the way!

YouTube – I had 40 subscribers, I now have 50. The boys are doing some fundraising for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and have done the first of a series of YouTube videos for this. Their Bean Boozled challenge was a lot harder than they expected.

Tots 100 – I am currently number 87 out of over 8000 blogs and feeling a little bit proud, but a little bit like a gatecrasher! My position last month moved slightly so I was at 198 before this.

Tots 100 ranking

  • To meet some local bloggers – I went to a blogger’s event at Mish Lingerie with Panache and met some lovely bloggers, it was  a great event and I am so hoping there are more in Cornwall at some point, as I’ve been invited to loads in London recently, which really isn’t practical for me.
  • Not cry at Fin’s leavers’ assembly – Amazingly I managed this, but only just! He was ill so only just got through it himself and then missed his last day at school the next day. He wasn’t worried though, he has never been a big fan of school, and I’m just happy he is better now.
  • Clean our pit of a house up – I have had a big clean through twice this month, and I am staying on top of things a little better than I was, but it’s still not quite as sparkling as I’d like so more effort still needed.
  • Plan our Summer – I wrote a Summer Bucket List and have been planning some things to do with the boys, and now that Fin and Si (who had some sort of bug as well) are better, we are starting to enjoy our Summer holidays.

Porthpean Rockpools

In August my aims are:

  • Increase my followers and stats as always.
  • Get organised for school – I have a secondary school uniform to buy for the first time eek, and all sorts of other new things the boys need.
  • Give the boys a brilliant school holiday.
  • Lose weight – it’s been creeping on for a while now and I NEED to get it under control before I slip back to the old very much larger me, who ate a packet of chocolate hobnobs to herself frequently. I have actually not eaten a single hobnob since I originally lost over 2 and a half stones – I don’t dare.
  • Raise some more money for JDRF – the boys have managed £25 and I am very proud of them, and it’s been a big boost to Fin who was struggling a bit.
  • Finally dye my hair – I’m hiding some serious roots underneath this constant pony tail, many of which are a little too ‘sparkly’ under the light for my liking.
  • Get my blogging organised – I need to start scheduling posts, or at least having back ups in my drafts for days that turn manic and keep me from touching my keyboard for most of the day. I write my posts usually on the day that I publish them, and I also need to sort a decent blog diary/planner out to keep everything clear about what I need to be doing when. This may stop the last-minute panics that I have to do a post that day, and only have a spare hour to do it!

What are your goals this month, other than surviving the school holidays?!

Stevie xx



  • Shell Louise

    Well done on your Tots and other numbers :D I got to 66 on Tots the other month and I reckon it must have been a fluke because I did nothing different and now I’ve gone back to 180-something!
    I lose the will to blog in the holidays. I can’t concentrate when the kids are here and because it’s the holidays they’re going to bed later so I’m too tired to do it in the evenings like I normally would. I’ve decided to stop pressuring myself and just blog if/when I get chance :)

  • Dianne

    Hope you have a fantastic Summer break – we are still in Winter bleh and school holidays over and final year of school.
    I know all about weight creeping up – winter food not good for dieting.
    I bought a really awesome Blogger Pack from Etsy a couple of years ago when I was planning on taking my blog up a notch. It is editable and printable and has about 25 pages of planning; scheduling; blog ideas; sponsoring and loads more. Very colourful too and I think I just bought it because it spoke to my love of stationery :) I can send you the link if you like.

  • acornishmum

    Ooh hat does sound interesting Dianne, sounds like a handy pack! I always forget to look on Etsy, but you can fine pretty much anything on there :) Might have to go for a nose!

    Stevie x

  • Katy (What Katy Said)

    Love how you had ‘not cry’ on your list!! Ha!
    I really need to dye my hair too, it is making me look so old and I too keep saying time is going fast so I am about 80 years old right now!!
    Have a good month! #monthlybucketlist

  • acornishmum

    Then I’m about 90 I’ve been ill today and sat with a blanket over my knees and everything ;) Thanks hon, hope you have a fab one too,

    Stevie x

  • Mrs H

    Gosh, your blog is doing so amazingly well. You work really hard at it so it is so well deserved. It sounds like you had a lovely July and have some hreat hoals for August. I need to lose weight and get organised with my blog too. I am hopeless at writing posts on time and barely manage one a week at the moment. I have seen a serious drop in my stats as a result. Have a lovely August gorgeous lady. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #MyMonthlyBucketList

  • acornishmum

    Aw thanks lovely I’ve started having the occasional day off recently, mostly as the boys are off and I want to spend some time with them :) I hope you have a great August too hon and get your blogging mojo back!
    Stevie xx

  • Jenny Eaves

    Great list, stevie! I’m always impressed at your social media stats, I don’t have any re time to work on it, but got over 1000 on IG now, yay, thank you for your advice!
    I’m always saying it’s going by too fast, so I must be getting old too.
    Hope you have a fabulous month and get everything done on your list! :) x

  • LittleOandMe

    Your stats never fail to amaze me, you are such a fab blogger and it definitely shows! I am working on my Instagram following as it is my favourite social media account, any tips? I would also love to have a few posts ready to go if I have a busy week etc, it’s hard to find the time though! I hope you have a lovely week!
    Becky xx

  • acornishmum

    Aw thank you Becky you’ve made me blush! With Instagram the way I have grown mine is to remember to use hashtags and to follow other bloggers as we tend to be the ones who follow back :)

    Stevie xx

  • Laura's Lovely Blog

    It sounds like you have had a great month and what awesome blog stats you have. Massive congrats on the Tots100 too – well deserved.
    Good luck on the weightloss – I am working my way through that at the moment. I have a weekly weightloss and fitness linky if you fancy joining? No worries if not :) x

  • acornishmum

    I am epically failing the weightloss bit at the moment with the boys off school too many temptations on days out! Need to find some will power!

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Thanks hon, it’s become 88 now as they must have recounted someone’s score but I’m still happy with that ;) I finally have dyed my hair it was way beyond ignoring!

    Stevie x

  • Beth Twinderelmo

    Massive well done on your amazing tots score and the stat/follower increase. You’re really smashing it!!
    I need to start thinking about getting organised with uniform too – eeeeeek! Not long left. I need to be more organised but too busy enjoying the summer. Thanks so much for linking again xx

  • acornishmum

    Aw thank you lovely :) I suspect my Tots will go down this time, but I’m okay with that it’s not everything and at least I’ve been in the top 100 once ;)

    Stevie xx Thanks for hosting :)

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