My November and December 2014 Competition Wins and Freebies!

So towards the end of last year struggling to afford what I wanted to buy my family for Christmas, I decided to start being more proactive and start entering any competitions I came across, partly for something to do as well!


With both of my boys in full time school, often off on sleepovers and generally being much more independent, I found myself with a lot more time to fill! This is how my competition entering began, and also my blog, after becoming intrigued by some of the blogs I came across as I was entering their competitions.


Although I enter competitions quite often, I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘comper’, as I do actually read the contents of blogs and pages where competitions are, and I don’t enter just for the sake of winning. It has to be something I either want to win, or that I think I can donate to a charity and do some good with! Recently I have entered a competition to win money specifically for Children’s Hospice South West, and one of my prizes detailed below (the back massager) was donated to a raffle held by Mr Perfect’s nephew Brandon for that same charity.


There are some links further down the page to help anyone who does fancy being a ‘comper’ or just fancies entering a few competitions!!! So anyway I started entering competitions from mid November 2014 and from then until now this is what I have won!


A microwavable koala from Cushelle toilet rolls that I have yet to receive, but which will come in handy on winter evenings as I am ALWAYS cold! This was from a code on a thing of toilet rolls that I bought.


A miniature bottle of Baileys which randomly arrived and I have no idea where from?!


£500 from Heart FM in association with Retallick Resorts. By far my favourite win, and was a huge help when it arrived just before Christmas! This was from a competition on Heart’s website.


Spontex hedgehog teddy bear and big box of cleaning goods which has come in handy now Christmas is over, and I have had my usual New Year spring clean! This was from a competition on Twitter. Feel free to follow me on there @stevie_couch.




L’occitane moisturiser from a site called Emerald Street


Free samples of Redbush Tea again I am not sure where they came from but they made a nice change from my usual Tetley!


A Back Massager from Your Fitness Magazine through a Twitter competition. I donated this to a local charity raffle, as although I liked it, I am making more of an effort to help others!


A Hack T-shirt from Flash Price I saw this on twitter as well I think!


£49 on an online bingo site I purposefully won’t mention which one as I do not usually gamble and wouldn’t want to be seen to encourage it, however for a one off I was pleased to win!


A years subscription to InStyle magazine which I can not wait to arrive! I love magazines, but I have been trying to be good recently and cut down my purchases of them, so this will actually save me money as well! I won this through a Twitter competition run by Diet Coke.


Mr. Men magazine I have no idea where this came through, but I do love a surprise package through the post! This will be going to my best friend’s gorgeous children, as mine are a bit too old for it now….sob….!


Rocket Dog ankle boots from getthelabel on Twitter. I love these, and since apparently I own too many shoes already, then winning them was the only way to ‘sneak’ them into the house! They also arrived very quickly.


Hakuna watch this was from the same charity raffle that I donated the back massager to, so karma?!


Pieces of You by Ella Harper I won this book on Twitter from Avon Books, and it was an amazing read from a new author and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever she writes next!


A copy of FourFourTwo football magazine, which Mr Perfect was thrilled with, this was from Carlsberg Fan Squad through the Carlsberg website I do believe!


That’s it all of my lovely wins, and of course there may be more that I have not been notified of yet which will get added to any future competition wins listing! I am really pleased I decided to stop moaning that I never win anything or have bad luck, and actually started entering things! I really don’t want to say it because really it is too cheesy, but here goes…You’ve got to be in it to win it! Did you just groan?….because I did….


If you fancy entering competitions a good way to start is to check the websites of your local radio stations, as they often do competitions. Also when you are buying things at the supermarket, keep an eye out for products that have competitions on them, and keep an eye out in your local paper, and on your local paper’s website. Competitions that are local to you will be ‘easier’ to win, as less people will be entering these, than those open to the whole country or globally. is a good website to try, they have a forum where fellow ‘compers’ list competitions for each other, and there are many added everyday, plus it’s a good site for listing any queries you may have as a newbie competition enterer. is another good site where competitions are constantly listed. If you copy this link it should take you directly to the competitions section of the forum.


Another fab place to start is on a fellow blogger’s site who does a fab job of listing many of the competitions that come up on other blogs.


Let me know in the comments section if you have won anything good recently, or if you have any links to other competition sites that you think my readers may like, that ARE NOT spam or ‘dodgy’.


Good Luck to all of you, and here’s to a Lucky 2015!


You can visit my own competitions section, to see if I have any current competitions running for you to enter as well!


Stevie x

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  1. 27 July 2015 / 10:27 am

    I’m very impressed with your wins! I was comping for a couple of months and won nothing! Like you I was inspired by the blogs I was reading which led me to start my own. Now I have no time for comping, boohoo :(

    • 27 July 2015 / 10:33 am

      My best win was £500 from a radio competition which was amazing, but I haven’t had time to ‘comp’ since I started my blog sadly, but I love blogging so it’s a sacrifice worth making ;)

      Stevie x