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My Slimfast Week – Starter Box Review


As I’ve mentioned before on here, I really want to lose weight and have at least 47 Reasons to do so, which meant that I was thrilled when I won a weeks starter kit of Slimfast products on a Twitter competition. 


When the box arrived, I was surprised by how much was in there, as to be honest I associate diets with being starving hungry and surviving off lettuce. Don’t worry, that’s not a diet I try or would!



Along with a big box of Slimfast goodies, a diet plan was included for the 7 days that the kit is meant to last you. Everything in there looked tasty, and thinking I had a sweet tooth which would be sated by the box contents, I was keen to start.


In my box I received:

x 2 Summer Strawberry Flavour Shakes

x 2 Chunky Chocolate Flavour Shakes

x 2 Cafe Latte Flavour Shakes

x 4 Chocolate Crunch Meal Bars

x 4 Summer Berry Meal Bars

x 4 Cheddar Bites Snack Bags

x 3 Sour Cream and Chive Pretzel Snack Bags

x 4 Chocolate Caramel Treat Snack Bars

x 3 Heavenly Chocolate Delight Snack Bars


Before starting Slimfast I weighed myself, and discovered I was 10 stone 1 and 8 ounces, almost back to the start again after a naughty week before. I was a bit annoyed with myself to be honest, and hating how fickle my will power is.


Anyway, here’s a glimpse of my meal plan, and how it all works.




My favourite things from the box and on the plan were the pretzels for definite, they are absolutely delicious.


Slimfast Pretzels


The basic premise of the diet, is that you have three meals a day, two of which are meal replacement products such as a Slimfast shake, or Meal bar, and the other a healthy meal of around 600 calories, and three snacks.


They also advise you to drink plenty of water, and exercise, which is a given really to boost weight loss. I did all of this, although I skipped a couple of the shakes on the plan.


After the first two days of the plan, I discovered I had much less of a sweet tooth, than I first thought. This was a shame, as pretty much all of the Slimfast items I had were very sugary tasting, but I found this made me a bit queasy in the morning as it was too sweet on an empty stomach. The shakes have now got 30% less sugar in than they used to, so I don;t think I would have managed the shakes much at all with their old recipe!


If you have a real sweet tooth, and giving up sugary treats is the bit you struggle with most on a diet, then I’d imagine this would be ideal and you’d find it easy to stick to. For me, although I liked knowing what I should be eating when and how much, I would find it harder to stick to for more than a week.


I was craving savoury food, and was feeling a bit of a sugar overload. Added to which, as it was  a lot more sugar than I was used to, I also broke out in spots. This could have been an effect of drinking a lot more water though, possibly impurities coming to the surface? Who knows?!


I  did lose weight in the week I was on the plan, at the end I was 10 stones exactly, my lowest in a while. However, the week after I went a bit bread, crackers and cheese mad having missed my lunch time savoury bits, and so I am exactly 10 stone 1 and 8 ounces again.


Does anyone else get a particular weight they keep returning to? I seem to have a real hurdle with 10 stone 1 and 8 ounces, never 9 or 7 ounces…always 8.


I know, that the weight gain was my own fault, and if I had more of a sweet tooth and could stick to the Slimfast plan then I probably would lose a lot more weight. It’s just not for me, although I have seen they now do noodles as one of their snacks instead of the sweet tasting bars, so I will most likely try these as a snack at some point, and I think the pretzels will be on my future lower calorie snack list as well.


One bonus is I’ve mostly lost my craving for sweet foods now, and a sugar reduction can’t be a bad thing surely?


So on I go to try something else, I know that I am not massively overweight, and my little quest is more about being healthier and fitting back in to clothes that I miss wearing. I am also only 5 foot 2, so even a teeny bit of extra weight shows. I just wouldn’t want any one thinking that I have an unhealthy relationship with weight and body image, I just have the normal type of one for a woman really ;)


Stevie x



  • Fern

    I think this looks luush, I have a mega sweet tooth. I will be trying stuff once Ive had baby. Im bigger than ive ever been after having the kids, and my stomach muscles never went back together properly after Midge which means when I tense my stomach I get a minging bulge between my stomach muscles so am hoping to tone up and get back to the smaller size without such a pouch.

    Shame you didnt enjoy the plan as much as youd hoped too though! atleast its something you now know you arnt overly keen on so wont spend money on it only to throw it/ give it away. I’d not reccommend the whole aloe vera thing thats going round, even my sister said its horrid and she lives off of coconut milk (eughh!!!)

  • acornishmum

    It’s definitely a case of persona taste, my tasted buds clearly aren’t as sweet loving as I thought, but this would be perfect for someone with a sweet tooth I’d imagine! Losing weight is never easy, but don’t even think about it for now, just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :)

    Stevie x

  • Donna

    I was stuck at 11st 2 for such a long time and have now cracked it but am stuck between 10st 6 and 10st 8! I will one day be under 10 stone…! x

  • Dianne

    I think for me personally having sweet shakes will just make me want real sweets and chocolate. This year I managed to lose tons of weight (put on thanks to giving up a 35 year smoking habit which I substituted with sweets and crisps etc). I just cut out sugar and gluten which was making me very ill probably from the 2 year overload but have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on as I still need to lose more. It took a long time to lose the weight but I figured it took longer than a couple of months to put it on and I will rather do healthy than the fad diets from the past. Not sure what stone is in kilo’s but yes also yoyo’ing up and down with 5kg’s when I need to lose another 10

  • acornishmum

    Those plateaus are the worst aren’t they?! When I was younger it was just a case of giving up bread for a couple of weeks to lose some lbs, now it’s like a military mission ha ;)

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    It was a bit too sweet for me for definite, I think it’s whatever works for oyu personally as one diet plan is never going to suit every person in the World as there’s individual tastes and needs.

    Stevie x

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