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If like me, you have overspent on Christmas, and are looking for ways to either save some money, or make a little extra ‘pocket money’ then this is the post for you! Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter what your own tips for saving money are! I will be doing another post with more ways that I use, however TopCashBack is so fab that I felt it deserved it’s own post.

Topcashback money


 Topcashback! When I first heard about this site I thought that there must be some sort of con or catch to it, but it’s actually fantastic! Basically, when you are going to do any online shopping, go to their website find the site you are looking to shop at, or look for inspiration, and click through to them on TopCashBack’s website.


TopCashBack then gives you cashback for purchases that you make after clicking through from their site! The amount of cashback is usually a percentage of the cost of your purchases, and varies from shop to shop. Some of the biggest cashback you can get on there is by using the site to buy your car insurance, other insurances, tv services, utility company etc.


For example when I first wrote this blog post, Sky had cashback available on there ranging from £40.40 up to £ were offering 17.17% of cashback on purchases, Homebase was offering 2.52% , and Aviva home insurance was offering £60.60. There are a ridiculous number of shops and companies on there, so always check if you can use them to make your purchases, to save missing out on cashback!


Now if you wondering why a company such as TopCashBack would be so generous, then don’t as obviously they make money through advertising, and for any cashback you receive, they are likely to have received their own ‘referral bonus’ from all of the companies. A brilliant website and a brilliant concept as far as I am concerned though. I have previously used Quidco, who provide a similar service, but after an argument over unpaid cashback, I refuse to use them again.


Both Si and myself have our own accounts on TopCashBack, and last year alone I had over £200 cashback from them, and he has had £80, all for just doing our usual amount of shopping, and for clicking through when our car insurance and home insurance were due! Also when we had our cashback from Aviva home insurance, the quote that we had was half the price of our usual home insurance, so we had a fab deal from them and  some very welcome cashback.


To really use them to save money though, don’t be blinded by the cashback and make extra purchases to get cashback, that would defeat the object really! Also bear in mind the fact, that some companies are slow in paying cashback. You will get it eventually in my experience, but some can take a month or more, so do not spend more than you can afford to get the cashback, and then have to panic when you have to wait for the cashback!


We have both of course started getting all of our friends and family to sign up, and we even get £5  per person who has signed up and received cashback from our referral, and you could get this as well if you do the same. Money for nothing! As a little bit of cheekiness I have included my own referral link below, for anyone to sign up through! However, you can also click through on the link below, I won’t be offended, just pleased that you too can save and make some much needed money!


Please note: This is an independent post, I have not been approached by TopCashBack to do this post, and any views and opinions within are my own personal ones.

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