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My UK Staycation Bucket List for 2016

The lovely people at Travelodge asked me recently where I planned to visit in 2016. If you usually read my blog or follow me on social media, then you know that we love staycations around the UK, so I am writing our UK Staycation Bucket List of places I want to visit in 2016.

UK Staycation Bucket List

First is Scotland – I have never been and really don’t know the area well. However I have always wanted to go there, even though it is literally the opposite end of the UK for us and a real trek. We have been discussing maybe taking a road trip there, staying somewhere half way over night on the way and way back.

I would love to visit castles and lochs! If we do get to go, then I’ll be haunting the sites of Scottish bloggers for weeks before hand to get some inside knowledge.

Edinburgh which looks beautiful in photographs is high on my list of places there I would love to go. I’m pretty sure we could never afford it, but Christmas in Scotland with (hopefully) snow in a cosy cottage with an open fire would be absolutely amazing.

Pendennis Castle
This is actually Pendennis Castle in Cornwall but you get the idea – I like castles!

Liverpool – I have been to Liverpool once….or rather I have been to Anfield to watch Liverpool Football club play. I loved watching the match, the atmosphere there is amazing and Simon has been up there a lot more times to watch them.

I would love to be able to treat Si to a stay in Liverpool next year, to watch Liverpool play as he really does love doing that, but also so that we can spend at least a day in Liverpool itself. From what I’ve heard the shopping is meant to be amazing for a start!

Travelodge have hotels both near Anfield – Travelodge Stonedale Park and lots of other Travelodges in central Liverpool so either would be perfect for us.

Us at Anfield

Lands End – I love it at Land’s End, we go there most Summers to watch their fireworks and it would be great, to stay in a hotel closer to there for the night afterwards next year. We are just over an hour away from Land’s End, so when we stay late to watch the fireworks we get back very late, it would be lovely to have a more relaxed evening without such a long drive, and of course the excuse to have a cooked breakfast somewhere the next day!

Fireworks at Land's End

London (near to it anyway) – The boys desperately want to go to the Warner Brothers Studios aka Harry Potter World. They love the Harry Potter films almost as much as I do, and Fin has asked for some of the books for Christmas this year. I really want to take them there if we can next year, before they get too old and ‘cool’ to want to go.

A Child Free Stay – As much as I love the boys, sometimes it’s lovely to have a little bit of time to ourselves as a couple.

This time last year Si and I stayed in a hotel in Penzance – just the two of us on our own mini UK staycation – child free. It was absolutely lovely, we drove most of the way to Mousehole and then parked and walked in to see the gorgeous Mousehole Christmas Lights. I would only want to leave the boys for one night, as I hate being away from them for longer than that at a time, but it would be brilliant to have another night away with just Si in 2016.

What are your holiday / staycation plans this year?

Stevie x

*Post in collaboration with Travelodge, but all thoughts and opinions as ever are my own*


  • Annie

    Ooh, love the Christmas lights at Mousehole. Love Mousehole! We’ve recently moved away from Cornwall (Padstow), so I think we’ll be holidaying there this year! I miss the sea. Dreamy place. xx

  • Donna

    If you come anywhere near London we will have to meet up!! I love Lands End and have to go every single time we go to Cornwall. AND we’re off to Scotland in Feb! Excited! x

  • acornishmum

    Oh well now I’m jealous ;) I’ll have to check your Scotland posts for inspiration of where to go if we do finally get (all the way) up there, and most definitely to meeting up if we do.

    Stevie xx

  • Helen Barr

    I had a holiday on my own in Scotland this year and loved it. I visited castles and gardens and a cousin and her family. I covered quite a lot of it and still need to go back to see more! You will definitely need a good 2 weeks and still won’t get round it all as its bigger than it looks on a map

  • acornishmum

    Considering how far we have to drive, if we do manage to go there we’ll definitely be trying to go for as long as possible :) It sounds like you had a lovely time Helen

    Stevie x

  • Sarah Christie

    Oh Stevie you need to visit Harry Potter World it is incredible. I love London we visit quite a bit but I want to star over next year as we always get the train back to my mums xxx

  • Emma

    For a nice place outside London, but only twenty mins in by train, is St. Albans. I grew up there’s lovely city :)

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