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The New Series of Game of Thrones on NOW TV

I didn’t expect to like Game of Thrones really. Even part way through the first couple of episodes, I was thinking it is basically people getting their clothes off, doing unspeakable things with members of their own family (yes really) and non-stop blood and gore.

Actually it really is a lot of all of the above, but somehow the makers of Game of Thrones (based on the books by George R.R. Martin) have made me care about the characters. I almost cried at the end of the last series when Jon Snow died.


Game of Thrones



This was a common theme through all of the series, I decided I really liked a character and that they MUST be the ‘main’ character of the show…. and then they died in a particularly gruesome way. That really is the beauty of Game of Thrones and I think part of why it has such a huge fan base now, nothing can be taken for granted.

Unlike many shows or films where you know that the main character is highly unlikely to die, as… well they’re the main character and it is rare they kill them off, I mean how would you have a ridiculous number of sequels otherwise?

Game of Thrones doesn’t do predictable, which makes it compulsive watching – you never quite know what is going to happen and even when you can just tell that something is brewing, the chances are you’d never guess what it is.

We have been lucky enough to be able to watch all of the Game of Thrones series so far on NOWTV.




Some scenes I found hard to watch, such as the torture of Theon which went way beyond anything I imagined and was unbelievably cruel. Though many would say Theon got what he deserved after everything he did.

This is another area that Game of Thrones keeps you guessing in though – who exactly are the good and bad guys?! They show you the bad acts of a character and you start to think they’re horrible and a real ‘baddie’, but then gradually they give you insights in to the character’s past and why they act the way they do.

Sometimes characters who you think are out-and-out bad then do something very kind , or you are shown how much they love someone. Other than Joffrey who was clearly off his head (and also enjoyed removing other’s heads) there aren’t many clear-cut baddies.

As for the nudity all the way through, to be honest you become immune to it after a while. I’m no prude at all, nor am I a jealous girlfriend shocked that my boyfriend might enjoy looking at the female form naked and nudity doesn’t bother me. Plus there are plenty of easy on the eye males throughout the show as well who aren’t averse to stripping off themselves – not that a respectable Mum of two is interested in all that malarky of course ;)

One thing though, do NOT ever watch this show with your parents or children (if said offspring are over 18 obviously as no child should be watching this anyway), honestly no one will know where to look and it’ll be like watching Baywatch with your Dad who is pretending to enjoy the story lines all over again.

The new series of Game of Thrones starts tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, are you as excited as I am?! I’ll be watching it on NOW TV with Si, who is almost as excited as I am.

If you haven’t watched any Game of Thrones then I am almost jealous of you, as you can watch the first five series on NOW TV all in on go…. well it might take you a week or so!

Leading up to season 6, NOW TV wants to give fans a chance to find out their own Game of Thrones fate with… #GoTFate. If you Tweet @NOWTV with the hashtag #GoTFate you will be tweeted back with an animated #GoTFate video, personalised to the profile photo of your Twitter handle.

If you share this, you’ll be entered into a prize draw, and one lucky winner will head off to Belfast for a special Game of Thrones experience on set, courtesy of Winterfell Tours, including an exclusive archery experience, dire wolves encounter, a visit to 20 key film locations and much more. Sounds amazing to me!

Working or out this evening? The don’t panic, the beauty of NOW TV is that you can watch your favourite programmes and films as and when you want to watch them, and you only need to pay for the packages that you want.

Click on the link below if you want to know more about NOW TV – this is an affiliate link.

Stevie x

*collaborative post as part of my membership of NOW TV blog squad, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest*



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