A Day Out at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall


With all my walking in Cornwall for charity, we used the need to get my steps in as a very good excuse to re-visit Newquay Zoo. Harley had a bonus week off from school recently, so the two of us visited the Blue Reef Aquarium and then the zoo on one day.


Newquay Zoo


In fact, thanks to Newquay Zoo’s free seven-day return policy, we ended up going to the zoo twice in one week.


Newquay Zoo is very close to Waterworld swimming pool and is very easy to park at with the big shared car park and a large overflow car park. The parking isn’t especially cheap, but these days no where seems to be cheap to park.


It isn’t the biggest zoo that I have been to, but it is quite big and they manage to pack a lot into the space that they have. All sorts of different species. From the exotic to farmyard animals and more.


Newquay Zoo Animals


Newquay Zoo Tree Frog


Newquay Zoo Cornwall


One part of the zoo that wasn’t there when the boys were small is the┬áMadagascan walk-through aviary, which I love! Walking through the area that looks so tropical and beautiful, you have all manner of birds hopping around your feet and splashing in the water feature there. It is now one of my favourite areas, just watch where you put your feet so you don’t accidentally step on any of the birds!


Madagascan walk-through aviary Newquay Zoo


I love that as you walk around the whole of the zoo, there are signs telling you how to sign the animal/reptile names. Educational and thoughtful, little touches like this really add to the experience.


Sign Language at Newquay Zoo


One of both of the boys’ favourite parts of the zoo is the Tarzan Trail, which is an outdoor assault course. Perfect for letting children burn off some energy and have a lot of fun too. The boys usually try to race each other to see who can do the trail the fastest.


Newquay Zoo


Newquay Zoo


They also usually love the maze, not to mention the slide in one part of the zoo that works as a shortcut for children. There is also a good-sized play park next door to the Meerkats.


I don’t have a photograph of the play park, as I don’t publish photos of stranger’s children and the park was very popular. I did however take a photograph of the Meerkats freaking out a little bit about an aeroplane flying quite low overhead.


Meerkats at Newquay Zoo


One of the main reasons that we ended up going to the zoo twice, was that the first time when we went they had drained the penguin pool for cleaning. It was slightly hilarious watching the poor zoo worker try to sweep up inside the dry pool whilst the penguins kept coming to investigate what he was doing.


We went back, as the penguins are one of Harley’s favourites at the zoo and he really likes watching them swim – as do I. They’re just beautiful.


Penguins at Newquay Zoo Cornwall


If you are planning a trip to Newquay Zoo and fancy a picnic, there are lots of places to sit to do this. There is also a great cafe and a snack bar, plus places to buy ice creams. It really is easy and enjoyable to either bring your own food or eat there.


The gift shop is well stocked and thankfully caters for all budgets. You can see on the Zoo map on their site exactly where everything is before you go, but they also provide you with a free map when you arrive.


Accessibility wise Newquay Zoo have tried to make the site as accessible as possible and also offer discounted entry to disabled persons and their carers.


We love Newquay Zoo and all of the staff there are really friendly, we really do recommend adding it to you ‘to visit’ list if you are heading to Cornwall. Especially as their school holiday events are usually great.


Stevie x


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Newquay Zoo - Cornwall

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  1. 9 June 2017 / 11:21 pm

    Fab post lovely, and this looks like a brilliant day out. I would definitely be going back if I couldn’t see the penguins the first time round. Claire x

  2. 10 June 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Sounds like a fab day out and a great way to get your miles in! We love a trip to the zoo and the penguins are my favourites too x