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Newquay in Cornwall

I’m a little late with this post, as it is about our Mother’s Day outing, but better late than never! We don’t tend to stick to a strict day in celebrating mother’s day in our house, mostly because we prefer to go out for lunch when there aren’t thousands of people (and their noisy children…) desperately trying to find somewhere to do the same.


This year we went out on the Saturday before mother’s day and headed over to Newquay. I had the choice of where to go and chose Newquay partly because we hadn’t been there in ages, but also because it’s a place full of good memories for me. I went to Newquay Treviglas school for my secondary school, and spent a lot of time in Newquay behaving myself (in case you wondered, my Mum does read my blog, and this MAY be a slight lie).


Newquay Cornwall


Our first stop was the Fort Inn in Newquay for lunch, and if you haven’t been there before I really would recommend it. You can sit with an amazing view of the sea, or you can sit close to the indoor play area. We opted for the view since both of mine are now a little old for the soft play area, but the play area would be brilliant for those of you with younger children who you want to keep amused whilst waiting for your food to arrive.


The Fort Inn is a bit of a Tardis, in that it really doesn’t seem that big on the outside, but as soon as you step inside it seems never-ending, everything seems fresh and clean, and it has a really lovely atmosphere and friendly helpful staff.


I ordered the new yorker burger, Si had the mixed grill, and the boys chose the burger and the chicken Goujon from the children’s menu. The children’s menu came as a sheet that they could also use to colour in, which I thought was a nice touch.


The Fort Inn Newquay


Our food was lovely, I especially loved the mushrooms that I stole off of Simon’s plate, and the tomato that my eldest sneakily put on my plate to get away from eating it himself! Why does other people’s food always taste the best? I’m a complete non sharer of food myself but a slight hypocrite, and more than happy to steal bits off of Si’s plate ;).


There are no photos of Si’s mixed grill which looked amazing, but unfortunately he was too fast in tucking in for me to actually take a photo.


Food at The Fort Inn



In the warmer months you can sit outside at the Fort Inn on their big decked area, it was a little cold for us this time, but the boys did enjoy the outdoor play area after our meal! I’m not entirely sure when they turned into such posers…


Fort Inn outside play area Newquay



Our next stop after the Fort Inn was to the amusement arcades, which my children LOVE as they are obsessed with trying to win little prizes from the 2p machines. Here is where the only downside to our day happened.


My eldest was desperately trying to win a plastic moped (piece of junk worth a £1 but huge treasure in his eyes) that he had right on the edge of the drop, and ran out of money so ran over to me quickly for some more change. A couple who must have been in their twenties had been watching him play the machine, then they watched him rush over to me, and then they jumped on his machine and spent the next ten minutes trying to win the moped whilst smirking over at my son who was obviously stood wanting to get back on there.


They won it of course, and luckily being almost 11 although he was a little devastated he was okay, I shot dirty looks at them and reminded Simon the boys didn’t need to see him get into any fights…. The couple seemed to find it all really funny, but I was disgusted that adults could be like that towards a child….especially MY child.


We brushed it aside, as really, if they as adults wanted to spend about £5 of two pence pieces on a plastic kids toy they could have bought for a £1 then they clearly had pretty sad lives, plus if my son was going to be much more grown up than them then I would have to try to act the same!


I cheered him up with lots more 2p’s and his little brother put his arm around him and said he would help him to win lots of other stuff and he could use his 2p’s as well if he wanted (man I love both of them!) and the smile soon came back…along with about 20 plastic keyrings that we still have no idea what to do with?! Do you think they were mean or is it 2p machine etiquette to stalk children and try to ruin their day?


Anyway enough of the mean people, other than them we had a brilliant day. It’s not always about what you do but who you do it with, and I couldn’t wish for a better little family than mine! On the actual mother’s day we actually had a very lazy day. The boys specially set an alarm for 8am to get up early (sorry sleep deprived parents mine usually get up at 10ish on a weekend, don’t hate me!) to bring me the presents that they chose themselves for me, and I was lucky enough to get a laptop a few days later as part mother’s day and part early birthday present. I really do have the best boyfriend.


Most of mother’s day we just had a lazy day, the boys were outside with their friends playing as usual and Si had stuff to get on with (including making me lunch!), so I had a peaceful day playing with my blog and just sat thinking how lucky I am. My youngest even told me that if he could choose any mum in the World he’d still choose me. I loved my mother’s day weekend, and this post is partly a big thank you to Si for making sure it was so lovely, and for putting up with me, my weird ways, and blogging addiction!


What did you do for mother’s day?


*If you’re looking for more places to go in Cornwall, why not check out my Over 100 Places to go and things to do in Cornwall post?

Stevie x


  • Lisa@intotheglade

    That is outrageous!! And as you say very sad indeed!! Good for you and your little one that you could rise above it. Other than pathetic adults, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend and such a good idea to go out the day before. Ooooo a new laptop lovely. The pub sounds great and the views look amazing X

  • acornishmum

    We were livid with them, but luckily they didn’t ruin the day! My new laptop is brilliant, and has made me realise just how slow the old one was, and I have been thoroughly spoilt by my lovely little family as usual and my birthday isn’t even til 15th April! :)

    Stevie xx

  • Liv

    My mum and I did the same thing of celebrating Mother’s Day on the Saturday as she was more concerned about watching the rugby all weekend!
    Although I live in Newquay it’s been years since I had been to The Fort but ended up there last night and the food was so good which surprised me!
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, despite the nasty arcade couple x


  • acornishmum

    We really did have a lovely weekend thanks Liv :) The Fort’s food is gorgeous, as is the view, so I expect we’ll be back again at some point!

    Stevie xx

  • Hannah

    Ah sounds a lovely way to spend others day and your actual mothers day sounds so nice, what great kids you have! Love the sound of that inn, may have to visit in summer only a few hours on the train im sure. Not been in over a year just stay in camborne really lol that arcade incident was really mean I agree, they must lead sad lives to do that and says a lot about them. Says loads about your boys too they sound ace xx

  • acornishmum

    Aw thank you Hannah :) They are pretty ace…although I may be a teeny bit biased! We tend to get around the county quite a lot when we can fit it in in between the various birthday parties and sleepovers my sons always seem to be invited on! I swear they have better social lives than I have ever had!!

    Stevie xx

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