Cineworld Ninjago themed party popcorn
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Ninjago Movie Party Ideas with Cineworld

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Did you know that the new Lego Ninjago Movie is going to be in cinemas across the country including Cineworld cinemas from 13th October 2017?


I did, because the boys haven’t stopped reminding me! So when Cineworld asked us if we would like to hold our own mini Ninjago inspired cinema birthday party, I didn’t have to think about the answer. The boys both LOVE going to the cinema, in fact we all do as a family.


Cineworld Ninjago themed party popcorn


We often go for their birthdays as it’s the perfect place to go for a birthday, especially as children get older and the options of what to do are a bit harder to find. Not to mention that with younger children, it can help you to avoid the dreaded soft play!


When we hold a cinema birthday party for the boys, we usually try to go to the cinema first to make sure that we’re on time and then we have some party snacks afterwards at home. Although, Cineworld do allow you to take your own food there so long as there’s no alcohol involved and it isn’t hot, so you could combine the snacks with the cinema visit and save yourself some clearing up at home.


For our mini party at home this time, we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas of what to make and making them. The cardboard ‘N’ below which obviously stands for Ninjago, is one of my favourite finds. Sprayed with gold paint, it really worked as a centre piece.


Ninjago cardboard N


Cineworld Ninjago Movie goodies


I printed out some pictures of Ninja star weapons onto the back of some gold paper and used those to decorate popcorn boxes for a cinema trip. I loved how they looked. I also found pictures online to use as a template for a Sensei Wu style beard to add to the party feel with a bit of dressing up.


The beards make perfect photo props as well! Along with the beards and stars I also printed out some Lego Ninjago style eyes.


Ninjago style eyes and stars


You can see my youngest below all beardy and ready for a cinema trip! If only we didn’t have to wait until October to actually watch the film.


Ninjago Sensei Wu style beard


I used some of the cut-outs to make some paper cups a bit more exciting. If you really wanted to show off, you could make sure to buy cups in the colours of all the Ninjas from the Ninjago Movie!


Ninjago Movie style cups


As I said before, when it comes to food we just tend to do snacks after the cinema. I added some strawberry laces AKA ‘strawberry noodles’ and the cake was easy to make. In other words I bought it and added some colourful candles and a couple of Lego Ninjago Movie figures! It’s surprising how good you can make a cinema birthday party with minimal effort.


Ninjago movie themed cake


My eldest got me to cook some pizza, as apparently the Ninjas in Ninjago like it?! Hopefully I wasn’t conned there.. We also had prawn crackers for a bit more themed food and the watermelon as the red is a bit Ninjago coloured … plus it’s sneakily healthy as it’s tasty but good for you.


The other bits of food were random choices of the boys, including star-shaped sandwiches for more Chinese Ninja stars. In truth it was a snowflake shaped cutter, but it looks close enough. The red table-cloth was supposed to represent the red carpet of a movie premiere and you could always buy a second cheap table-cloth to make your own red carpet for your party!


Cineworld Ninjago Movie Party


I actually love how it all came out and the boys did too most importantly. They were also thrilled that although it wasn’t actually a real birthday party, I still made party bags. With the help of those trusty Ninja eyes and some treats.


Ninjago Movie style party bags


The mini fidget spinners were handily in Ninjago character colours as were the jawbreakers. Obviously normally I would also pop a slice of cake in the bag.


You can so easily have an affordable Lego Ninjago Movie cinema party and as you can see from the video below it needn’t take a huge amount of effort, but it will look like you have!



We all loved our making our party and can not wait to watch the Lego Ninjago Movie in October! There are lots of Cineworld cinemas across the country and you can add the Ninjago Movie film to your wishlist on the Cineworld site as well as watch the Ninjago trailer.


Stevie x


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