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Feeling All Nostalgic With sodastream

A sodastream Spirit Review


*The sodastream featured below was gifted to me by the brand*


Fizzy Vimto made with SodaStream


A couple of months ago I saw an advert for sodastream and got a bit excited telling Si that we should buy one, he said nope we’d never use it and it would clutter up the worktop in the kitchen. We ended up not buying one, but instead luckily the lovely sodastream contacted me on Instagram and asked to send me a machine in return for an Instagram post.


They sent us the sodastream Spirit, which is the ‘classic’ one and I’m writing this post purely because I am so impressed with it and not at all to say a big fat I TOLD YOU SO to Simon, because we do use the machine all the time and it’s really slim so fits perfectly in our kitchen.


Sodastream spirit


My main excitement over seeing the brand again, was because I was hit with an instant whack of nostalgia. We used to have one when I was a child in the 80’s and early 90’s (yes I am THAT old) and I can remember nagging my poor Dad non-stop to make us fizzy drinks with it.


sodastream gas - inside the machine


Setting up and using the sodastream Spirit


Our fizz-making machine arrived in a box, inside of which was the machine itself which is so light, a canister of CO2 and the plastic sodastream bottle which fits just under a litre of water in. The bottle is great, as you can pop the lid in it afterwards with any left over fizzy water in and it stays fizzy for ages. Handy if you’ve made too much or you want to take some fizzy water out with you anywhere.


The machine was so easy to set up! It’s not run on batteries or electricity, so there are no wires to worry about and so you can pop it anywhere that you like. The CO2 canister goes inside the machine at the back – the back of the machine comes off for this purpose. As soon as you have the canister in place, then the machine is ready for you to pop a bottle of water under (you pull a clear plastic bit out to angle the bit where the bottle goes to get the bottle into the right place) and you are good to go.



sodastream in action


As I said above, the machine isn’t run by any sort of power, you make the bubbles in your water by holding down the button on the top. The button basically opens up the CO2 canister inside. You’ll know if you hold the button down for too long, as some water will leak out of your bottle, but only a small amount unless you don’t let go of the button.


How easy is the sodastream to use?


It is ridiculously easy to use, although it can take a bit of trial and error to find out how many button pushes you need for the level of fizz that you prefer personally. It’s so easy that the usually slightly lazy teenagers in this house are willing to use the machine and in fact volunteer to use it because they like it so much and enjoy the novelty of making bubbles – the slightly more grown-up version of blowing bubbles in your milkshake I suppose ha and yes, I have had to tell them no to trying fizzy milk ew.


What can you make with sodastream?


Now obviously you can just make fizzy water if that’s what you like, but in our house the obsession is now fizzy Vimto. I buy the big bottles of Vimto when they’re on offer and it tastes great with the fizzy water. We add the squash to the glasses and then pour the fizzy water in, as I want to only ever put water in the actual sodastream bottle to keep it like new.


You can also soon buy the official flavour drops on the sodastream site to make flavoured water. There are also syrups around that make cola etc, but we haven’t tried them.


Reducing plastic with sodastream


We re-use the big bottles that come with the Vimto inside in our house, for different purposes including collecting 5ps in, to keep water in inside the car etc and if we can’t re-use them they go to be recycled. Whereas with the little bottles of fizzy that we usually buy (way too much of normally) they just go to be recycled. The big bottles of Vimto last for ages too, so we’re buying way less plastic overall which has to be a good thing.


The official site flavour drops are going to be sold in glass bottles, which means less plastic.


Fizzy drink


What about when the CO2 canister runs out on the sodastream?


One of the things I love about the sodastream is that the amount of packaging we’re using as a family has decreased thanks to us buying less individual drinks and this counts for the CO2 canisters too. You don’t need to buy a whole new canister as such, what you do is go to a shop that sells refills and swap your canister for a full canister. The old canisters then go off to be refilled and back out for sale for someone else.


You can buy the refills in all sorts of places, either from sodastream themselves – see this section of the sodastream site – or lots of shops including Argos and Lakeland do them as well. Do a quick google search before going to refill, as sometimes certain shops have a special deal on and can save you money. A canister of CO2 should make around 60 litres of fizzy water though, so the normal around £11 – 13 ish cost for a refill is still a bargain really.


Our verdict on the sodastream Spirit


I honestly love our sodastream and in the couple of weeks that we’ve had it, we have used it every single day. It’s easy to use, does exactly what it’s supposed to and it’s making us save money on all the expensive fizzy drinks that we’re no longer buying plus we’re using less plastic, which makes me happy too.


Check out the official sodastream site for more information.


Stevie x




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