There is nothing wrong with being girly
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There is Nothing Wrong With Being Girly


I’ve read recently posts and comments online complaining about the new ‘I’m A Girly’ dolls and do you know what – I just don’t get what the big issue is!


There is nothing wrong with being girly


I don’t expect my opinion to make me very popular, but I am just so fed up with people being offended for the sake of it, I really am. When I was a child I was a girl and I knew plenty of other children who were boys or girls.


The whole I’m A Girly doll debate honestly does rankle me a bit, as much as I respect other’s opinions and accept that they’ll often be different from my own,  I just don’t understand how people can get so annoyed over the use of the word girly.


What is wrong with being ‘girly’, when did it become a negative thing to be a girl? Surely it’s all about how you use the word, the word itself isn’t offensive in my opinion and especially not when used in relation to a doll.


Girly only has negative connotations if you let it and if that is the way you think of it. I loved the Like A Girl campaign by Always – I am not working with them by the way before someone shouts fraud you don’t care this is a sponsored post boo hiss etc…. Being ‘like a girl’ isn’t a negative thing regardless of how some try to use it with ‘throws like a girl’ etc comments, so why does being girly have to be?!


And from the looks of the fierce girls on the homepage of I am Girly, I don’t feel like they’re trying to put girls down, use girly in a negative way or even to stereotype girls as such! One of the dolls might ‘love unicorns’ as I saw someone groan about online, but she also in her ‘bio’ says that she wants to be an astronaut. I like the underlying message that you can be ‘girly’ and intelligent and ambitious. They aren’t using the word in a negative way at all.


Do I love some of the stereotypes out there that say that girls/women are weak and emotional etc? .. nope I don’t like negative stereotypes about anyone. But I don’t spend my days pretty much looking for things to be offended by and I don’t react in the extreme to the smallest whiff of a stereotype and nor do I think someone is being rude if they say someone is girly. There is nothing wrong with being ‘stereotypical’ of your sex in my opinion, or liking things designed with your gender in mind, just as it is perfectly fine to be completely the opposite, each to their own.


Fair play if someone is saying girls/women can’t do something, that girls are inferior or anything like that then feel free to be in an uproar, I’ll join in with your tutting. But believing that calling a doll brand ‘girly’ is a horrendous thing and being angry about it, surely just shows that all the negative ‘like a girl’ stuff has ingrained itself in your head.


Personally I am much more angry about the fact that there are people in the World dying because of lack of food, wars, lack of a home, or because they can’t afford health care etc etc etc – there are lots of things that are way more worthy of my (and your) anger and the World’s attention than whether or not using the word ‘girly’ is so horrendous and unforgivable…


Also I actually feel sorry for the brand, they have tried to make sure there are dolls representing different races, and they’ve created a doll with a much more realistic body shape than I’ve seen before and yet still people find a way to turn it into a negative thing!


Lastly, do I love the dolls myself and would I buy one?! Erm nope, but only because they’re over £100 each and for that I’d want a doll to be capable of doing my tax return or something useful. I expect there are lots of people who will love them though and they’re nice enough dolls.


Stevie x




  • Tracy Nixon

    I am proud to be girly! I wear lots of pink, have fluffy bag charms on my girly handbags. I even dress my girly long coat cream chihuahua in pink girly clothes and she has a pink lead, collar and harness. My home is very girly too with lots of pinks and purples and fluffy cushions, throws etc!

    My two daughters are also very girly and my youngest has a I’m a Girly doll – Yasmin and she loves her and chose her because her curly long hair is like hers!! Yes, the doll was expensive but it is worth the money when I see my daughter enjoying playing with her and talking to her like a friend! Both of my girls love their dolls, unicorns, fairies and all things pink and my older daughter plays for her school rugby team and wants to be a scientist when she is older and my younger daughter wants to be a pilot.

    All girls/women are different – some are girly and some less girly or completely ‘Tom boyish’ As long as girls/women are happy being themselves then I see no reason to critisise!

    Great article thank you – I agree with you completely!

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thanks Tracy and I’m pleased to hear the doll is actually worth the money ha! To be fair the price of the boys’ PS4 games I buy are eye watering at times, it’s worth it when it’s something that they love :)

    Stevie x

  • Newcastle Family Life

    I agree with you completely, I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about and thought I was the only one. It’s not a name I would have chosen for the dolls but I just assumed it was to do with the translation (I read somewhere they originate from a different county) but it’s not a name I would be offended by. I often say my daughter is a ‘girly girly’ simply because she can be at times she loves pink and unicorns, however she also takes football classes and loves Lego. It’s just a name, if you don’t like them then just ignore them in my opinion as there is plenty of toys I don’t like / agree with but I don’t let it bother me. Like you say there is far more important things to worry about in life xx

  • Lauren

    I agree with your sentiment BUT why could they not have named it ‘I’m a Girl’ why add the cutesy ‘y’ on the end. You’d never see a ‘i’m a boyie’ (or however you’d spell it) doll. That’s what has irritated me to be fair. I like the idea of a more realistic shaped and looking doll, but also ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, even I had that sort of money I would not in a million years spend it on a doll!

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    I suspect part of the girly bit is because of translation and maybe in the country they’ve been designed in people don’t use girly in a patronising or negative way? Sadly obviously here some people do, but it shouldn’t be that way and the word girly doesn’t bother me at all. Also I like cute things ha! I just feel like people overthink these things and are a bit quick to be offended or find something negative, especially when that clearly wasn’t the intention and they’re overlooking the positives of how diverse they’re trying to make the dolls and that they have a realistic body shape. Personally I wouldn’t pay £100 for a doll either but I can imagine many would and a properly loved doll can be passed on to grandchildren etc too x

  • Emily Leary

    I totally understand your point, but I think you’re arguing against a point that wasn’t made. People didn’t object because they don’t like the word girly, and they didn’t object because they think it’s anti-feminist to be feminine.

    The problem is with the infantilisation of the female. These dolls are reduced to a stereotypical adjective. They don’t even get their own noun. Presumably, they won’t be releasing “I’M A BOYIE” because it sounds utterly ridiculous doesn’t it? And it sounds ridiculous because society doesn’t infantilise men like it does women.

    And I totally understand why you’d say that war and famine is more important than a word, but the issue of feminism isn’t about single world choices. It’s about a deeply ingrained culture that disadvantages women in tiny and huge ways. That allows the majority of rapes to go unprosecuted, that sees girls lack the self-belief to enter science and engineering roles, that sees the gender pay gap still alive and well in 2018, that sees women massively (and quite easily statistically provably) disadvantaged when it comes to access to opportunities – google about the average business investment granted to men vs woman and gape in horror.

    Girly is just a word, but feminism is much, much more. x

  • Donna

    I think this pretty much sums up the issue. I didn’t see anyone complaining about the name – but the assumption is that the name was the problem. There really is nothing wrong with being girly – lots of girls are girly. My issue was that the dolls are meant to be empowering and inspiring for children yet give no clear reason why this is. They look just like any other fashion focused doll brand to me which is nothing new and is not inspiring or empowering in the slightest. Lottie dolls are much more forward thinking, diverse and inspiring – I really don’t understand how the I’m a Girly brand is empowering to children and they are purely reinforcing existing stereotypes. The name isn’t the issue.

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    My post was actually in response to some of the comments I saw saying that the word ‘girly’ was offensive in itself and not to anything else. I saw loads on different platforms saying that the word girly was their issue with it, that the word was disgusting and offensive. I get that different people have different opinions though and this is just mine :) x

  • Jean | Delightful Repast

    Stevie, well said. I’m not familiar with the doll, but I have no objections to it or its name. Every week, sometimes every day, there is a new “outrage” in the media. I prefer to maintain a mood of peace and contentment and don’t have the energy to waste on constantly being outraged! Let us spend our energy on real problems such as those you mentioned. Let’s lighten up, people, and regain our sense of humor *and* sense of proportion! #BlogCrush

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Just realised that my reply to you didn’t publish! My post was based on comments that I read online specifically calling the word girly offensive and disgusting, so it was about the people specifically hating the doll for the name over anything else :)

    Stevie x

  • Daydreams of a Mum

    I’m not a fan of the term girly when used in a negative way certainly but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a ‘disgusting ‘ term that seems very over the top!! I think I missed this latest strom as my kids are that bit older so this product probably wasn’t aimed at them #blogcrush

  • Tracey Bowden

    I absolutely agree with you. There is nothing wrong with the word girly at all. I hate how being girly is automatically a bad thing now. I am very girly and proud of it. I hope you didn’t mind me adding you as my blog crush this week #blogcrush

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