do you need to be middle class and rich to blog?

Apparently Only The Middle Class Blog


I saw an advert the other day for a content creation course and I nosed at the comments, where I saw people saying that you needed to be middle class and rich to be a blogger.


Now in all fairness, the cost of the course was slightly eye watering and if you knew nothing about blogging and thought that you HAD to do a course like that to blog, then maybe you would think it was a pretty elitist occupation/hobby.


do you need to be middle class and rich to blog?


It set me off wondering though, where people had gotten this perception from? Was it just the expensive course or was it the Instagram perfect lifestyles that a lot of top bloggers portray online? Yes some of them probably are what people might think of as ‘middle or upper class’ and some of them do have a seemingly vast amount of money.


Many of the ones you think have perfect homes and lifestyles though, are probably just showing you the tidy corners of their homes. The ones that they think are Instagram worthy, some may be up to their eye balls in credit card debt, some may have lives that are falling apart so they focus all their attention on their homes and keeping their social feeds looking ‘happy’. Who knows, some may have perfect lives, but we’ll probably never know for definite.


At the end of the day though, the Instagram perfectionists aren’t the only bloggers out there.


I’m not someone who does a lot of Instagram videos or tells everyone every aspect of my life, so maybe someone might presume things about me that aren’t correct from the small snippets I do show online. I actually laughed at the idea that someone might think that I was middle classed – personally I don’t see people as ‘classes’ by the way.


I grew up in a single parent family where we had to struggle to pay for everything, my Mum worked a lot of hours and still there were times when we didn’t have enough money to pay our bills or buy food. I’m not saying we starved, but we made do, we lived off of jacket potatoes for weeks on end as they were cheap.


basket of potatoes


At one point we lived in a Housing Association house and it was luxury compared with some of the houses we’d been forced to rent. These days we own (or rather Si does, but same thing ha!) our own home. Ooh fancy you say?! We own a house that used to be a council house and we live on a street that is still 90% or more council tenants and people probably presume we’re council tenants – I don’t care, there’s no shame in that and I love our house.


We don’t live in a big posh Instagram mansion, I am very far from middle classed, we most definitely aren’t rich – as my panic checking of my bank account online every morning when I wake up shows AND I blog.


I failed to read the small print somewhere if I’m not actually posh enough or rich enough to blog, because that small print honestly does not exist.


I write because I love to write, I’m lucky enough to make a living off of my blog and I’m intending to keep blogging for the forseeable future.


I know plenty of bloggers who are in a similar position to me, I know plenty of bloggers a whole lot richer than me (it isn’t hard to be fair) and I know plenty who struggle more than I do to make ends meet. We all blog, you don’t need to be a certain type of person or from a particular class to blog.


You don’t need to have lots of money, all you need is a way to access the internet, preferably a love of writing and a bit of time to do it. That’s it! You can start a blog for free on blogger or WordPress, it is only the hosting eventually and other bits that cost money if you choose to do them, but essentially ANYONE can blog.


If you want to start a blog just do it!


Stevie x


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Do you need to be middle class and rich to blog?!

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  • Lisa Valentine

    This so refreshing to read. I come from a very poor background, rent a home and also happen to blog. I can see why people may assume that most bloggers are middle class or well off. The seemingly endless pictures of beautiful homes, numerous new outfit posts and Insta worthy images from far flung destinations only add to the perception. People don’t really share the bad stuff though, do they? I certainly don’t share pictures of my messy washing basket or the fact that we had beans on toast for tea. Thanks for sharing a small snippet of reality ☺️

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