our Christmas 2015

Our Christmas 2015

Our Christmas was lovely his year – mostly! I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas.

Our Christmas

Before I tell you how our Christmas went, I have to give a mention to all the poor people who have been flooded recently. Obviously there is never a good time for it to happen, but around the Christmas period always seems especially cruel. I really hope they all get back in to their homes quickly and that they managed to protect the most important things to them.

It makes you grateful for everything you have when you see things in the news where people have lost so much doesn’t it?

Anyway our Christmas mostly went smoothly. We spent our Christmas eve evening playing games, and the boys were really excited to get in to their new onesies. They have new pyjamas every year for Christmas Eve, but this was the first year they were allowed to choose them.

Every Christmas Eve, we let them open one present after tea time – it’s a good way to get them in to their pyjamas early on and makes for a more snuggly evening. As lovely as Christmas day always is, there is something special about Christmas Eve and the anticipation and excitement for the children.


The Christmas lights at the top right aren’t ours by the way – I wish that was our house, but it’s one not far from us that the boys love every year. We love to go for a drive and do some Christmas lights spotting every year.

This year was a little different than usual for our family….my children are both now non-believers. I felt a little bit sad about this to be honest, where on earth does the time go? My ‘baby’ will be 10 in February and his big brother will be 12 in July, that just seems crazy. Now they are getting older though, Christmas Eve and Christmas day are a lot calmer and they appreciate everything so much more.

Christmas day started smoothly, with the boys snuggling in to the bottom end of our bed to open their stockings – I’m still finding little bits of wrapping paper down the side of the bed. They loved everything in their stockings, and Fin’s blood glucose levels behaved themselves for the first Christmas ever since he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It made a nice change not to have to deal with low blood levels first thing.

We all opened our presents downstairs, they loved all these presents as well phew, I always panic I’ll get it wrong or miss that one thing that they most definitely did want. Obviously we don’t get anywhere near the number of presents that they do, which is how it should be, but I did have some lovely presents and my hinting worked, as this bad boy was under the tree for me.

Ferrero Rocher Mmm

You may notice this post has a distinct lack of pictures of piles of presents, and children opening their presents. That’s because despite being a blogger, shock horror I still feel some things are just for us. I know many share every moment of their lives and every photo of their child on social media, but especially now that my children are getting older I prefer to keep some things private, and I don’t put anywhere near as many photos of my children on here as most bloggers I know do.

It’s personal preference, but also the thought of my children ever being bullied because of me is just awful, so I’m careful in what I share on here and anywhere online. Plus on Christmas day I take hardly any photographs, I’m always to busy enjoying the moments with my little family to be playing with a camera or phone.

Also, I know that not all children are as lucky as mine are to receive big piles of presents every year, so I prefer to be discreet with such things. We always have a pre-Christmas clear out and take any toys or clothes they’ve grown put of to a charity shop. I don’t like wasting things, and I also like to think of ¬†other children getting enjoyment out of things the boys don’t need any more.

Christmas 2015

Our Christmas day went smoothly for the first couple of hours….and then Fin decided to jump on Si to play fight with him as all three ‘boys’ often do, only he slipped and smacked his face on Si’s knee. One split lip later, the poor boy had to hold a tissue to his face for over an hour as the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

I was beginning to think we’d need a visit to the hospital to have it glued, when eventually the bleeding stopped just in time for dishing up our lunch. This is the second part where the day wasn’t quite as smooth as I’d hoped.

As I was just about to take everything out of the oven, I asked Si to sort the drinks out. He somehow dropped a bottle of J2O out of the fridge and on to the kitchen tiles….it was the bright red J2O and it went everywhere, as did hundreds of little bits of glass. B the time we’d cleaned the mess up and hoovered to get any last few bits of glass, lunch was a bit more done than I had planned.

Apparently my pigs in blankets (the bit I most look forward to) were like pigs in armour – I say apparently, but yep they were. Some bits still tasted okay, and admittedly it’s not the worst roast I’ve ever cooked.

Luckily that was it for mini disasters, and Fin’s lip is healing well. Overall we had a brilliant Christmas, and we still have friends and family coming over in the next week so it’s still ongoing really.

Our Christmas day was everything it should be (plus a bit of blood and glass) family, food, fun and memory making. I hope yours were all brilliant as well.

Did anyone else have anything go a little bit wrong?!

Stevie x


  • Brigitte

    Hi lovely! I feel a tad guilty that I’ve been a bit lacksidasickle on the leaving comment front lately. Do forgive me! Christmas’s are memorable for all sorts of reasons. A Christmas that goes like clockwork are often the ones you forget. In years to come you’ll be saying…’remember that Christmas when our pigs in blankets were just a bit overdone!’ Despite the little mishaps, it sounds as though you had a fabulous family Christmas. Next year though don’t let Si anywhere near glass bottles and keep play fighting until after lunch! xx

  • Lisa@intotheglade

    Merry Christmas Stevie! Your Christmas sounds great and it was refreshing to hear your views on the boys and your blog, sometimes I think I’m a bit out of sync with the blogging world in that respect, I feel exactly the same. I’m glad Fin’s lip and blood sugars were OK, I received some Ferro Rocher too but only a small box – I obviously have not been as good as you! Best wishes to you and yours and a very happy 2016 xxxx

  • Amelia Appletree

    It sounds like you (mostly) had a great Christmas! I think with everyone so excited and so much going on, there are bound to be little mishaps. Ours was that the weekend beforehand our oven broke and couldn’t be fixed in time. So Christmas dinner was cooked in a mini oven that my landlady lent to us! Still, it was a good day in the end.

  • acornishmum

    Sound advice Bree ha! Previous years have included hospital stays just before xmas and an A and E visit on Christmas day, so for us this was a pretty smooth Chritmas really!! ;) I hope you had a lovely one, and not to worry lovely it’s a very busy time of year for everyone and I haven’t been to visit your lovely blog for a little while either!

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    A happy 2016 to you as well lovely, I’ve just realised I’ve been so busy I haven’t been over to your blog for ages so I’m off in a mo for a catch up! The boys do appear on my blog from time to time, but never in a way that could embarrass them, and it’s becoming rarer now my eldest is in secondary school to reduce the embarrassment factor, plus they’re entitled to their privacy and I like a certain level of it myself :) To be honest some of what certain bloggers share worries me…

    Stevie xxx

  • acornishmum

    Oh no what awful timing! When we first moved in to the house we’re in now we didn’t have a kitchen, so lived off sandwiches takeaways, meals at Si’s parents and anything we could cook in our microwave grill….it really made me appreciate the convenience of a kitchen once we finished ours!

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Donna, it was really lovely. I’m in hibernation mode now, it’ll be a shock to the system to leave the house tomorrow to drop my youngest off for a party and sleepover ;) I hope you had a brilliant one.

    Stevie xx

  • Teresa

    Hi there! Visiting from across the pond. My 5 children are grown and now my grandchildren are the focus of Christmas! Enjoy your boys and all that comes from raising them! Four of ours were boys and we had many trips to the emergency room. Happy New Year!

  • acornishmum

    Thank you and a Happy new Year to you as well! I love having boys, but I am amazed we haven’t had any bone breakages so far as they are very rough and tumble!

    Stevie x

  • Robyn

    No doubt you’ll always remember this particular Christmas as ‘the one with the glass and blood’, which will be kind of funny in years to come! I was also quite surprised how few photos I had to share on my blog. I took a million and one family photos but hardly any of the more generic stuff I feel comfortable publishing. I guess like you I was just too busy experiencing it :)

  • Becster

    Ahh that’s the reason for the fat lip! I was wondering if your family had gone all Eastenders-y on Christmas Day!!

    Sounds like you had a good day despite the mishaps! Shame your boys are now non believers. My girls are still too young to understand the concept of Santa yet but by next year my eldest will definitely understand – no doubt by next year she’ll be circling the Argos catalogue!

    I’ve started a Christmas Eve box now – a bit of chocolate and new pyjamas but I didn’t get to give it on Christmas Eve so Christmas morning it was. Our Christmas went pretty well thanks! X

  • Wave to Mummy

    Pigs in armour, ha ha, poor you! That must have been annoying! Our dinner went ok, although it was pretty stressful as we hosted 10 people… I get it what you mean about not wanting to share all the gifts as it can be a lot when others have so little. It is definitely something worth thinking and reflecting about at Christmas. I will do a charity drop soon too :)

  • acornishmum

    Ha I expect so, the Christmas where my eldest stepped on a piece of broken crockery and then sprayed blood all over his presents and ended up at A and E was pretty memorable for all the wrong reasons too ;) I always have the first aid box well stocked in this house!

    And Christmas is definitely family time :)
    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Ha ha nope we’re not quite that bad ;) it’s the only soap I watch though, I just love the drama of it! You have years of santa excitement and making your own little family traditions to come, nothing quite like it. I’m glad you had a good Christmas

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Luckily we had roast again yesterday and it went perfectly which made up for it ha! My boys love the idea that they can give things to charity to help others, and I love that they love it :)

    Stevie x

  • There's always time for tea

    There’s so much going on at Christmas something is bound to go a little bit wrong! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas otherwise though! xx

  • acornishmum

    We definitely did regardless :) small disasters compared to previous years ha! Also seeing the news and so many people losing everything in their homes due tot he floods it kind of makes you realise just how little small things that go wrong are. I feel very lucky to have everything and everyone that I do.

    Stevie xx

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