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Our DIY Master Bedroom Makeover


The before and after photos of our major bedroom DIY renovation and makeover.

*collaborative post


When Si bought our house, it was in a bit of a state and needed stripping back right to the bare walls in most of the rooms. I’ve already written about our kitchen, bathroom and the teenager’s bedroom makeovers, and now it’s time for our bedroom.


Our bedroom before


Our bedroom before photo


Si had the walls of our bedroom re-plastered, so that our bedroom was a blank canvas to start work on. We originally painted the room a light purple colour and had a different carpet and layout of our room, but after Si built our gorgeous inbuilt wardrobes himself we re-did the whole room again.


The final version of our room is what I’m showing you today, starting with those wardrobes! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the man is a DIY genius. Inside the middle wardrobe is cube cubby shelving, and the other two wardrobes have hanging rails and a huge shelf at the top. We have so much storage now.


I still can’t believe quite what an amazing job he did on them, especially as he had never done anything like this before.


Our new DIY wood wardrobes


There’s also a clever feature to our wardrobes, to avoid wasting the plug sockets that were on the side wall Si created a mini door that I can open and pull out the extension lead inside.


Handy mini door at the bottom of the wardrobe for the plug socket.


He stained the wardrobes to try and match the oak furniture that we already owned and they do fit in well.


Our wardrobes and drawers


The drawers that we had luckily fit perfectly into the alcove in our bedroom and Si has popped a mirror on the wall above to make me a mini dressing table area.


Mini dressing table area


The blanket box at the end of our bed adds even more storage to the room.


Our blanket box


We have kept our big solid oak bed, which we both love. We did however consider buying a new tv bed¬†from somewhere like Happy Beds, one of the ones where a television rises up out of the bottom end of the bed for you to watch. I’m still a little bit tempted, as I do miss getting comfy in bed and watching television in the evenings. For now though we are sticking with our lovely bed.


our bedroom makeover


I love the lights in our room now, the lamp with the crystal feature on it and the matching ceiling lights. Si wasn’t so keen on the ceiling light, mostly because it was a bit of a nightmare to put up.


The light fitting in our room


The newest additions to our room are the corner shelves in the photo below, which he also stained the same colour as the wardrobe.


The corner shelves in our bedroom


I love our room now, it’s a very calm feeling room and exactly how we wanted it to be.


Stevie x


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