our family travel bucket list
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Our Family Travel Bucket List

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We’ve taken the boys on holiday a lot of times, but mostly in the UK so far other than Mallorca and our epic trip to Universal Orlando Resort last year. There are lots of holidays and new locations that I would love to take them to. Here’s our family travel bucket list, a list of everywhere that I would love to take them before they’re too old and cool to want to holiday with us!


our family travel bucket list


Walt Disney World Orlando


I would love to take them back to Universal one day, as we had the most amazing holiday. However, I also really want to go to Disney World in Orlando as well, maybe we could combine the two? I have wanted to go to Disney World since I was a little girl and I know that the boys would love it too with all the rides there. They proved to be total adrenaline junkies at Universal Studios!


Minnie Mouse - Twinderelmo
Photo Credit: Twinderelmo.co.uk


A Cruise


A cruise is really high up on our wish list for travel, Si especially has wanted to go on a cruise for ages. We don’t even have a specific destination in mind, we have been drooling over some of the ones on Bolsover Cruise Club¬†though! I just love the idea of a cruise where you can visit several different countries in one holiday, I mean how amazing is that?!


Cruise Ship


Anywhere to see the Northern Lights


This is something that Si and I are determined to see at some point in our lives, the beautiful Northern Lights and we would love to be able to share that with the boys. I know there are cruises that include the chance to try and see the Northern Lights, so we could tick two things off in one go!




This was in my previous staycation wish list as well, since we could in theory drive there. Being in Cornwall, Scotland is a real trek to get to, but I would love a holiday in Scotland. It looks like such a beautiful place and none of us have ever been there before. Christmas in a cosy cottage in Scotland with an open fire, sounds like heaven to me.




I have always wanted to go to Canada, for so long that I can’t even remember what it was that I watched or read/saw that made me want to visit in the first place. It just looks like such a beautiful place and I would love to do a holiday that is a mix of city life and a bit of wilderness as well. Hopefully without meeting any bears of course!


Canada stock image




Mallorca/Mallorca which ever name you use, I would love to take the boys back there. We went about four years ago and had such a fantastic family holiday. We stayed in Cala Bona, which was a great quiet base and did lots of day trips including to the Caves of Drach, Palma and into the mountains as well. The boys still go on about what a great holiday it was.


Palma Mallorca Majorca




I think we had better get saving or something asap with this list! I could probably double the size of this list, but these are the places that the boys would definitely love to go with us, which all have things to entertain them. If it was a list for just me and Si, then a lot more city breaks like New York and more luxury chill by the pool and on the beach holidays would definitely be on it!


Where is your dream family holiday location or have you already been on the perfect holiday?


Stevie x


  • Tracey Williams

    My dream holiday was to go to Walt Disney World, and we have managed to get there 3 times when the kids were younger. I still have a huge list of places I want to travel too, but I fear time is running out with Morgan turning 16 soon. Though we are going to Mexico in the summer, and I have waited 17 years to return. We last went on our honeymoon and I have always wanted to go back as a family. Ah so many places, so little money x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Oh I bet Mexico is amazing! And ha yep same issue here, if only travel wasn’t quite so expensive, although it makes it seem that much more amazing when you do manage to get to where you want to go :)

    Stevie x

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