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Our Garden Makeover Mission: Part 2

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The title to this post – Our Garden Makeover Mission, with the addition of the word mission makes it all sound rather urgent, but considering I wrote Our Garden Makeover Mission Part 1 almost two years ago, I think possibly we forgot the urgent part ha!


In that time we have done so much to the inside of the house and the garden kind of got abandoned again for a while. Although there has been definite progress. The sheds that Si has been building with concrete blocks are fully built, have got a roof on them, guttering and are ready for doors to be added. More on that in another post though, as today I mostly want to focus on our plans for the garden at the front.


Garden planter


We added some high fencing to both sides of the front garden and side garden quite a while ago, as before there was a tiny low wall that the neighbour’s Grandchildren thought it was fun to jump over and then run around our garden squealing. Not the best background noise when you’re trying to work at home.


Our messy front garden and fence


I love these fences as they gave us a bit of privacy back. Other than the fences though, the front garden is quite frankly a bit rubbish. Literally in the sense that since we removed the broken gate at the front of the house and Si’s Dad started removing part of our hedges for us, any rubbish around the street or from further away on windy days ends up on our garden and blocking the drains.


As you can see from the photo below, it has been a little while since we got around to cutting the grass as well, it has just been so wet and cold in recent months. I can’t wait for spring time, as when the grass is cut our garden looks a whole lot better.


Garden now


So now that you have seen what a mess our garden is at the moment, you need to try to imagine with me what it will look like after we finish! Our plan is to rip down all of the horrible hedge at the front and build a wall all the way along, but within the wall we’re going to have fence panels that start part way up the wall, a bit like these Forest Domed Top Tongue and Groove Fence Panel, which we’ll stain to be the same colour as our other fences.

Fence panel

I would love to have the front wall red brick like the house, but it would work out to be really expensive, so I think we’re planning to use concrete blocks and render the wall and then paint it.


For the actual front garden we are planning to cover it all in paving slabs when we can afford to do it and then have a nice bench out there and colourful planters. Neither of us want to be cutting grass all the time, it plays havoc with my hayfever and the boys are old enough to go to the park to play football these days, so it is safe to make the garden a bit prettier rather than just child friendly. I definitely want some tulips in pots or planters out there, as I’ve fallen a little bit in love with them lately. I keep spying plants and flowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan that I would love to add to our garden eventually as well.




Potted flowers


With a patio I love the idea of being able to pressure wash it clean when we need to. We’ll be finally getting a new gate on at some point as well. Si has actually already made me one that is waiting to be used at some point. It has our house number on it, plus decorative touches including a butterfly! Si’s a welder and he’s done an amazing job on the gate, I can’t wait until it is actually in use.


Once all of this is done, then the front of our house should look so much better. It will take time though and we still have a bit more we want to do inside in the meantime, once the sheds are done. So for now the broken hedge is here to stay, we might get around to cutting the grass though…


Stevie x


  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    We’ve been making plans as to what we want to do with our garden this year. I actually need to add some plants this year rather than just the lawn – although I’m not very green fingered so not sure how long they will last

  • Sarah Chistie

    Chris is a keen gardener so he is continually pottering in he garden and is so fussy so I tend to leave it to him, but I love colourful pots and lots of colour. I also think fencing is a great idea for privacy x

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