Our Half Term


With me now homeschooling one of the boys, the October half term felt very much like my half term break as well as theirs.


Beautiful autumn trees at Longleat


Our half term this year was two weeks long – I’m giving the homeschooled teen the same school holidays as his brother, and his brother’s school had two weeks off. This meant we had a very chilled out first week, well they did I mostly worked non-stop to try to catch-up with blog work whilst I had my days free.


They had a lovely week of spending way too long playing on their PS4s and forcing me to play board games too. I love board games, but they always seem to choose the ones that go on forever. It was fun though and I loved having a week of lies ins.


Si had the second week off, so we went on a bit of a mini holiday. We stayed in three different Premier Inns (chosen specifically as they were cheap and we’re skint as usual ha!) and went to Legoland, Beaulieu Motor Museum and Longleat. Beaulieu and Longleat were amazing and I’ll be writing about them soon, I’ve already started to spam my Instagram with photos.


Meerkats at Longleat


Beautiful giraffe at Longleat


Legoland though… the boys have outgrown it for definite and this was the second time that we have been there where it was so busy that we had to queue for over an hour for rides.


We actually only chose to go there as we were going to meet our friends Lisa, Trev and their younger children there. However Legoland was so busy it was closed to anyone who hadn’t pre-booked from very early on. We’d pre-booked and they hadn’t, so we went – even with discount tickets it was still expensive as heck to get in, way too expensive just to not bother going. They went to Chessington in the end. Luckily we saw them the night before at their place, so at least we did get some time with them!


The first time that we went to Legoland, the boys were a lot younger and we went in March just as it had opened for the season. It was freezing cold – it was the March when it snowed, literally minus temperatures and it rained A LOT. It was freezing, but we had the park pretty much to ourselves and didn’t queue at all on the rides. We all had an amazing time and then stayed in the fabulous Legoland Hotel.


I do love Legoland still… I just hate paying so much money and then having to queue so much that you’re lucky if you go on three rides, that makes them extremely expensive rides even by modern fairground standards ha! My advice would be to go on the most miserable looking coldest day possible, your forehead will feel far more frozen than botox can achieve, but you’ll have a much better time in my opinion. Anyway like I said, the boys are 12 and 14 now, so our Legoland days are definitely over.


Any tips for Alton Towers anyone? I’ve only been once, a lot of years ago, but we’re considering taking the boys there next and possibly staying in the hotel. It won’t be til next year, but when’s the best time to go etc?


Overall we had a fantastic half term, the boys are soooo easy to go away with now that they’re so grown-up. We could live without the sleep talking/shouting though, so maybe we’ll try interconnecting rooms next time!


I hope your half term was good?


Stevie x

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  1. 7 November 2018 / 12:17 pm

    I’m glad you’ve had a good half term, great that you get two weeks, I hope we go that way eventually. I can imagine Legoland wasn’t great for older ones, Alton Towers will definitely be more their thing. Visiting there outside of school holidays is a good call if you can do it.