Our Summer Holiday so far

We’ve now had a week of our Summer holiday already, which has gone so quickly, but sadly not for completely positive reasons! We had a bad start to the holiday with Fin having a chest infection, Si having some sort of sickness bug and some wet weather keeping me indoors with the germ brothers! Fin was actually sick, but that was due to him fundraising for charity.

Thankfully though, other than a bit of a sore throat for me that I can easily cope with, everyone is well again in our house…touch wood, avoid going under ladders…eek black cat etc. I feel like we can finally start our school summer holidays, enjoy them and get doing some of the things on our Summer bucket list!

Don’t get me wrong, the last week hasn’t been completely rubbish, and as everyone has got better we have managed to have some fun. A few nights ago in between the showers, we popped to Porthpean beach, which is one of my favourite beaches not far from where we live in St Austell.

The boys went there a couple of weeks ago with school as a reward for working so hard on their reading this year, and since it was slightly better weather it was busier then than when we went.

Porthpean Beach Cornwall

When we went there the other night, there were some pretty impressive clouds lurking above us, but it meant the beach was quieter, it was lovely and cool and I love the beach in any weather.

Porthpean Beach Cloudy

The first thing we did on arriving at the beach was to make the boys names out of rocks, which was a lot easier with Fin than with Harley whose name we rarely shorten!

Porthpean Beach Harley

Porthpean Beach Fin

Porthpean has some brilliant rock pools, so after doing their names and skimming some stones – Si and the boys managed this, I still can not seem to find the knack, we went to investigate the rock pools.

Porthpean Rockpools

We saw lots of cool looking creatures skimming and swimming around, but my favourites were the big group of baby crabs we discovered when we moved a rock and at least 10 of them came scuttling out. I’ve zoomed in a lot in the picture below, they were actually only about as big as my thumb nail.

Rockpool crab

The boys really enjoyed spotting them, and climbing around (carefully) on the rocks. If you’ve never been rockpooling before and decide to, beware with small children as the rocks around them can get seriously slippery, but luckily our boys are sensible and we keep an eye on them just in case.

We stayed and enjoyed the beach for a bit longer, until the rain started coming down again, and it was exactly what I needed to blow the cobwebs out after being at home for ages with cabin fever.

We also had a fun day yesterday, I took the whole day off from my blog (pretty much unheard of recently) and took the boys out for lunch and shopping. Not my kind of shopping, it was more centred around Xbox 360 games and superheroes, but they loved it, and them being happy makes me happy.

In the afternoon they went out to play with friends, and instead of getting straight back to my blog, I actually took some time to curl up with a book. It was on my Summer bucket list to read a book and I managed it for the first time in months. Today I feel re-charged and I think I need to take a break more often as I do work a lot of hours on here!

Today I have done a little work this morning, but I am taking the afternoon off again to take the boys to the cinema to see the Minion movie, which they are very excited about, I am more looking forward to watching Fantastic Four with them next week, but I like minions almost as much as they do.

I’m starting to make plans for the rest of the holidays, now that everyone is finally well and we are living less of a germ fest.

How are your school holidays going so far?!

Stevie x

A Cornish Mum


  • Kirsten Toyne

    I love the summer holidays! Being able to be creative and just be with my boys is wonderful. I love the beach you were at. The seaside is not the same here. #picknmix

  • Seychellesmama

    Glad you are all back healthy, not a nice way to start the summer holidays!! My husband is a teacher and nearly always gets Ill at the start of school holidays too!!
    Love the cold beach pics, I love the British coast on blustery days it’s so much fun and something I definitely miss! Britain has some amazing beaches that are totally underestimated!! Rock pooling is loads of fun too :)

  • Rachel

    Sorry to hear the boys have been poorly. Your beach trips looks awesome though, I really miss living by the seaside. #PickNMix xx

  • Laura's Lovely Blog

    It’s amazing how quick it’s gone already is it not? I think it’s going to be September before we know it. Oh how nice it must be to live so close to the beach – glad everyone is feeling better and I have started taking some evenings off the blog too – otherwise I am worried I will just birn out x

  • Talya

    Looks like you had some lovely moments despite things getting off to a rocky start. Looks like the weather is picking up now at least so fingers crossed for week 2 of the summer hols! #PicknMix

  • acornishmum

    Thankfully we seem to be a germ free family now, and been off for a bike ride (walk for me + Si while they rode) and lunch today :)

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Definitely crazy a week has gone by already! It always seems to go madly fast though. I’m definitely trying to get my blogging hours under control, as I need a balance to keep my family happy and myself sane!

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Mine have always loved the beach, they prefer it on non hot days still though, and we spend more time there for the rest of the year than Summer! :)

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    I think everyone at school gets worn out and then passes germs to each other right at the end, certainly not our first poorly start to the school hols! Rockpooling is fab, we’ll remember to take their wellies next time so they can get in there a bit more as bare feet aren’t the best idea with crabs ;)

    Stevie x

  • A Moment with Franca

    I would love to do my girl’s names on the sand too. It looks very cool. I’m sorry to hear that your boys weren’t that good but glad they are better now. It is a nightmare when your kids are ill! Hopefully week 2 of the summer holidays will have a better weather. How lucky that you can be so near the beach at any time! I miss that a lot!! I used to be near the beach too when I used to be inPeru. Thanks for hosting, xx

  • acornishmum

    I do love living near the beach, even if it’s rare that the sea feels warm enough for me to want to go in it much – it doesn’t stop the boys at all though! :) Thanks for linking up,

    Stevie xx

  • Life Loving

    Glad you are all on the mend. I hear some good weather might be on the way so fingers crossed for that. I can imagine bad weather can make the school holidays a little tedious!

    Sally @ Life Loving

  • Jen @ 4,128 miles

    It looks like a lovely day. Growing up as a land-locked Yorkshire lass I never thought I’d become so enchanted by the sea. I don’t think I could ever live away from the coast now. Fab pictures too! #picknmix

  • Alice

    Aw, the beach looks incredible. I spent many happy hours on Cornish beaches as a child and I want my kids to be able to have that too. Once Stella is more steady on her little feet and Jet learns to stay near us… if that ever happens!
    x Alice

  • Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist)

    Ahh at least you’ve got the illnesses over now hopefully, now you can enjoy the summer holidays! I love going to the beach, but I’ve never spotted crabs before – how cool! We’ve been doing more days out, and I’m relaxing on the blogging too – it is summer after all! We’re going to go to Hastings mid-August, discover the beaches on that end of the country :-) Sabrina xx #picknmix

  • Sarah Norris

    Hi Stevie,
    Another landlocked Yorkshire lass here, like your first commenter :-)
    Our holidays were always up to the Lake District, which I dearly love, but even then I was the one picking up stones in streams and lakesides, turning them over to see what lived underneath.
    The thought of all those wonderful rock pools makes me want to go there immediately.
    Maybe because I was deprived of beach holidays I yearn for the sea. Whenever I get near a beach I feel all stirred up inside like there is something trying to get out so I envy you and your boys living there.
    I’m glad it has reminded you to take more breaks as one thing I am realising with all this blogging, is that I need to keep a close eye on balance in my life otherwise I will become jaded and too introverted.
    I make myself go for at least an hours walk… todays walk is going passed the HummingBird Bakery !!!! Red velvet cake here I come lol.
    Thanks for the lovely, happy post,
    Sarah x

  • acornishmum

    I love the beach, and just pleased the boys still enjoy it so much as well :) Only a few more years til I won’t be ‘cool’ to hang out with I suspect ha
    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    I’ve never been to the Lake District, but would love to at some point :) I know what you mean about the beach, even living so near to it, it’s still my happy calm place and nothing like a windy walk across the beach in the Autumn to clear your mind. I also need to start exercising more!!

    Stevie x

  • Lady Nym

    Sounds liked a mixed bag so far in terms of good and bad! Hope all the bugs are behind you and you guys enjoy the rest of the holiday.

    The cubs aren’t in school yet so summer holidays here are much like any other time of the year, really! I think the cubs would love looking at rock pools but I might wait until Baby Bear is past the stage where he’d try to put everything in them in his mouth…


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