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Getting Outside Every Day

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Outside everyday used to be the ‘norm’ for children when I was growing up and for my parents’ and grandparents’ generations. In this ‘digital age’, sadly it often isn’t the ‘norm’ so much anymore. People are on the whole less active than they were in the past, as there are a lot more distractions to keep them inside now.


Modern technology is a wonderful thing, but it is very easy to sink into the digital world and forget the one outside the front door. During the colder weather,¬†hibernation seems like a really good lifestyle option. I’ll admit we do go for that option sometimes, a cosy film day with blankets is sometimes all we want to do.


Really though living in Cornwall, we have little excuse not to get outside as much as we can and enjoy the place where we live. There are so many places to go for days out in Cornwall all year, especially one of our favourites The Lost Gardens of Heligan. The boys love the outside forest play area there.


Outside everyday with Berghaus


I’ve noticed with the boys in the past, that the only times they misbehave and argue are either when they are really overtired (like every other child on the planet…) or when they’re bored¬†because we’ve been in all day. Getting outside really can make the difference between feeling like their Mum or feeling like a referee.


We have locals’ passes for The Lost Gardens of Heligan and as it’s only 15 minutes ish away from our house, it’s somewhere we go to quite often. Last time we went there, we were really impressed with how much they had improved the woodland play area. There’s more to play on now and the boys were in their element.


Outside every day - The Lost Gardens of Heligan


There are lots of beautiful things for me to enjoy at Heligan as well, such as the Mud Maid. Who is looking very pretty with the daffodils surrounding her starting to bloom. I love daffodils, they’re a welcome pop of colour as spring starts sneaking its way in.


Outside every day - Heligan Mud Maid


We try to get outside whatever the weather bundling up in layers and coats. The weather in Cornwall always seems more changeable in a very short space of time than anywhere else I have been. This is why my car is always loaded up for every eventuality.


For our trip to Heligan this time, the boys had on their lovely new Berghaus coats from Blacks. Being padded, they definitely protected them from the cold, but as my top photo showed they’re most definitely easy to move in.


Move … run …. jump off of random things and worry your Mum that she’s going to have to somehow carry you back to the car when you injure yourself. With them both being almost as tall as me these days, I can’t see me trying to carry either of them ending well.


All joking aside though, I love how much they enjoy being active. There may be a few grumbles sometimes about me being mean forcing them out of a warm house for a walk or a day out, but they always enjoy it once we’re there.


Outside every day


Other than wearing suitable clothes to keep warm and dry when outside, another way to warm up that is popular with us, is a visit to the cafe there. I love that in Cornwall you are never far from a pasty or a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. Possibly why despite our walks, I’m still having to diet right now. So for me at the moment it is all about the warm coats minus the pasties.


When we aren’t on days out, we still encourage the boys to play outside with their friends. Luckily we live on a relatively quiet one-way street with a park at the end and a ridiculous amount of children for them to play with. There is always someone knocking on our door asking them to come out and play.


They ride their bikes and scooters around, have running races and play at the park. They also play football … when one of the children on the street can locate a football that hasn’t been lost in some poor person’s garden that is!


Outside every day


Do your children enjoy being outside a lot and do you also find your children are only slightly demonic when bored?


If you like the look of the boys’ Berghaus jackets, you can find them in the Black’s children’s jackets¬†section.


Stevie x


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