Padstow Cornwall
Days Out in Cornwall

Padstow in Cornwall!


Being child free for a nice change yesterday Si and I decided to pop over to Padstow for a mooch around. The weather was beautiful, much less cold than it has been, and neither of us had been to Padstow in a ridiculously long time.


As a girl I used to walk or ride (attempt to ride a bike…I still can’t properly manage it *blushes*) the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow with my Dad, and two older sisters. It’s quite a long walk, but was always worth it for the ice cream we had at the end, before making our way all the way back again.


Padstow in Cornwall


Yesterday, we took a stroll around the lovely harbour and did our usual competitive photography! A few of my photos on here are by Si, as sometimes he manages a better picture than me. He will claim that he always does. For this post today though, all of the pictures are mine, as I won this skills test!


It is actually a little sad how competitive we are! Scrabble games have actually resulted in us almost properly falling out before, and Si waking me in the middle of the night to call me a scrabble cheat, as he still claims I make words up … despite the fact they are in the dictionary.


Padstow Cornwall


Padstow is a lovely place for a stroll, especially out of tourism season. Since it’s so picturesque and has lovely shops with lots of good places to eat, it can get very busy during school holidays!


Speaking of great places to eat, yesterday we ate lunch at the Harbour Inn, which was very cosy with the log burner in full flame. They allow well-behaved dogs in there, which must be a bonus to dog owners who don’t want to tie their poor pooches out in the cold.


I ordered the scampi, and a warming hot chocolate and Si ordered the steak and hot chocolate as well. The service was fast and friendly. The food was delicious, and I have no idea what salad dressing they used, but it was so good I was stealing Si’s salad instead of his chips for a change.


Being a Sunday, out of peak season, a lot of shops were understandably closed. Shops you can find there include big names such as Seasalt (I love this shop!), Ann’s Cottage, Animal, Timberland and many others.


I love a lot of the smaller shops which unfortunately weren’t open yesterday, so I won’t name any in particular since it has been years since I entered a lot of them, so will wait til I have actually been inside again.


Padstow Cornwall


I’d love to say it was a nice romantic stroll we had yesterday. However, with Si’s poorly ear meaning he was either shouting everything or whispering everything to me, and us both full of cold and surgically attached to tissues for most of the day, I’m not really sure romantic is the word.


It was lovely to get out in the fresh air though, and after we had been to Padstow we headed off on another fab walk over at Carnewas.


I’d recommend Padstow for a day out, or just a picturesque stroll to anyone, no matter what the time of year or weather! Have you ever been to Padstow? If so, which shop, place to eat, activity or place was your favourite?


Looking for other places to visit in Cornwall? Pop to my 100 things to do and places to go in Cornwall post or the ever popular Things to do when it’s raining in Cornwall post!


Stevie x

Padstow in Cornwall UK


  • Emma

    Gorgeous photos! We haven’t been to Padstow yet, though it’s only just down the coast, so I’m sure we’ll get there soon :)

  • acornishmum

    Thanks hon, it’s lovely for a day out, and loads of places on the coast near there for walks as well! I’m doing a post tomorrow on one of the great walks :) x

  • Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Clicked on your #brilliantblogposts thumbnail as soon as I saw “Padstow” – I’ve only been the once for a day (a few years ago) but my husband and I absolutely loved it. Must go again soon – we’re in Devon so it’s not too far to go. I love your photo of the empty boat on the mud… beautiful!!

    Thanks for the lovely review, Stevie, it’s a good reminder to go! (I assume your name is Stevie from your Twitter handle? I couldn’t find your name anywhere else, I feel rude if I don’t address someone by name in a comment! :) )

    Happy mid week to you
    Catherine x

  • acornishmum

    Hi Catherine thank you! I love wandering around some of Cornwall’s harbours, the only thing you have to be careful of is eating outside, as the seagulls have been known to come and help themselves!
    I enjoy going to Devon as well! We stayed in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage at Morthoe last year and it was amazing!
    Stevie (officially it’s Stephanie and I answer to either!) x

  • Christine

    Fantastic photos, you’d never realise they were taken in February; I think the light is so much better at this time of year. Bet it was still cold though! I’ve only been to Padstow once, in the middle of the summer, so I remember it as being incredibly busy and full of tourists!

  • acornishmum

    Amazingly that day it wasn’t bad at all, Cornwall is usually milder than most of the UK unless the wind picks up, and that day it was very still and 8 degrees, and even felt warmer than that in the sun! Padstow in the Summer can be a little crazy, but not surprising that so many people want to go there! :) Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Long car journeys with children aren’t much fun are they?! I lost count of how many times my boys asked how much longer?, and are we there yet? when we drove to Legoland! :)

  • Mrs Puddleducky

    Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! Padstow is one of my favourite places to visit. I don’t live that far away and its a lovely place to escape to for the day. We took a speed boat ride round the harbour a couple of months ago and it was brilliant! Your pictures are amazing!

  • Marion

    Oh I love Padstow! I have done the camel trail with my husband a few times. We always end up having fish and chips and ice cream when we get there and then attempt to burn off the calories riding our bikes back to Bodmin…! It’s so lovely (and busy) in the summer!

  • Emma English

    Stunning post and pictures!! i went to Cornwall when i was about 12! and i’m so excited to take my children there in July! These pictures make me want to go now! You are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country :) and i’m glad you and your MR had a lovely day!! xx

  • acornishmum

    Cornwall has a ridiculous amount of beautiful places! If you crane your neck a bit in our front upstairs windows you can see the sea! I’m hoping to get out a lot with my camera and the boys in the warmer weekends and get some more of my favourite places, and views on here :)

    Stevie x

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