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    The Christmas in A Cottage Dream

      Every year I rush around getting everything ready for Christmas and every year I say the same to Si – one year we’ll take a whole week off and go to stay in a cosy cottage for Christmas.

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    Getting on Top of Family Finances for the New Year

    *Collaborative Guest Post   It can be smart and helpful to get on top of your finances at the start of each new year as this is the perfect opportunity to plan ahead so that you can comfortably provide for the family for the year. With 2019 just around the corner, it is worth looking ahead to determine what big expenses you will have this year and how you can go about planning how to afford these family expenses without it having a huge impact on your financial situation.

  • Completed Kernowcraft ring at the beach
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    Trying New Things: Jewellery Making With KernowCraft

    KernowCraft – Make The Look Jewellery Making Kits   Earlier this year I said that I was going to be trying new things in 2018, I started with crochet and we also tried Geocaching – then life kind of got busy. However, I’m going to start trying to put a bit of time aside at the weekends to do something just for me. A fun creative activity or even just to curl up with a book.

  • A Roald Dahl Christmas gift guide

    A Roald Dahl Christmas Gift Guide

      If you’re a Roald Dahl fan like I am, then you will LOVE the gift guide that I have for you today.  It’s a gift guide to give you some inspiration on what to buy for Christmas, but also a whole lot of temptation in Roald Dahl goodies to buy yourself!

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    Mum on the Go; Shaving Time Off Your Responsibilities

    Most mums would jump at the chance of being offered a shortcut or a little cheat to help with their day-to-day grind. There’s a career in one corner and kids that need raising in the other, and even if your partner does their bit too, it’s still an all-consuming affair.