Parents of fussy eaters - don't give up hope
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Parents of Fussy Eaters Don’t Give Up Hope


Neither of my children are especially adventurous when it comes to food and one of them is definitely what pretty much anyone would class as a ‘fussy eater’. I’m not worried though and there’s a reason for that.


Parents of fussy eaters - don't give up hope


I’m not worried – partly because my fussy eater has gradually over the years started to at least try new things, even if he has only found a few more that he likes. Mostly though, it’s because I used to be a fussy eater as a child and into my early teens. I really didn’t like a lot of foods at all and I know my family found that challenging at times.


My Gran even used to try and shape other meats into the shape of a sausage, hoping that I wouldn’t notice and I’d actually eat something other than sausages. I didn’t fall for it though and I further complicated things by becoming a vegetarian for a while.


These days I eat pretty much anything and I really do mean anything. I’ve been to taster evenings at The Longstore restaurant and The Headland Hotel where I’ve eaten cockles, clams, bone marrow, caviar, ox cheek and even pigeon, plus more. Although I don’t love every food out there, I am always happy to try new things and there are so many foods that I love. Which is so far from the way I was as a child.


What I’m trying to say, is that even if your child is classed as a ‘fussy eater’ and you’re worried that they’ll always have issues with food, then there is hope. In the meantime, my advice from someone who has lived on the other side of it all, is don’t make a huge deal about it. The more attention people brought to my eating habits and food hates, the worse I felt and the less I wanted to eat in front of people.


The best thing in my opinion that you can do is to keep introducing new tastes and food options, but without massive pressure put on the child to eat them or turning it into a battle of wills between them and you. All eating at the same time and them seeing you eating different things helps and can encourage them to want to try what you seem to be enjoying so much. Hopefully in time their food likes will broaden.


Stevie x


Parents of fussy eaters don't give up acornishmum

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