Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect


Sometimes I stupidly fall for the ‘perfect life’ images on Instagram and other social media and end up thinking that I wish I had that beautiful house, those perfect looking legs or amazing lifestyle.


Perfectly Imperfect


They say ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ for a reason, if you are always looking at and wishing you had what other people do, then often I think you fail to appreciate what you do¬†already have. The chances are that for everyone that you look at and wish you had something that they had, there is someone else who would LOVE to have what you have in life.


Not only that, but these perfect lives are often nothing like the reality. For a start some bloggers borrow other people’s kitchens for doing their photos. That beautiful looking marble worktop underneath their plate of food/beauty product etc in a photo, is quite likely a photo backdrop and not real. Like me lots of people have probably tidied part of their home for a photo, whereas the rest is chaos ha!


I’ve known people who have been having major relationship issues, who online still acted as if life was going amazingly for them. I’ve also known people who go on ridiculously expensive holidays that they’ve splashed photos of everywhere… at the same time as being aware that they were already seriously in debt.


I think my main point here is that people’s ‘perfect’ lives are probably not that perfect. Not many people like to share every detail of their lives online, especially not the bad parts and keep these ‘imperfect’ parts of their lives away from their perfect Instagram grid. Often the people with the most amazing looking lives on social media are actually the most unhappy, they just hide it well. Some lucky beggars I’m sure do have the ideal life – for them, but they’re a very rare breed.


Like I said above, I was pulled into a tiny bit of funk when looking through my feeds recently and ended up wishing for things I can’t have – mostly because of money ha and erm genetics. My legs will never grow longer, I will never have the perfect body. But do you know what, that’s okay.


However, I gave myself a bit of a talking to and seeing the comments on my own photos recently and receiving messages from people wanting to move to Cornwall, I’ve realised just how lucky I am, and that crazily there are people who might be a little bit jealous of me because I live where I do. It has made me appreciate it all the more, as I am lucky. I am lucky to live where I do and more importantly I am lucky to have such an amazing little family.


St Agnes sunset and engine house Wheal Coates


My boys are growing into amazingly lovely (cheeky/sarcastic in the best way) young men and I’m in love with a man who loves me back and somehow puts up with living with me ha! We have food on the table (even if it is very badly cooked by me), we can afford to pay our bills, we all get to be together and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t all smile and laugh a lot.


Seriously what do I have to be jealous of really?! I love my perfectly imperfect life.


Stevie x



  • Plutonium Sox

    Great post Stevie, that is definitely the downside of social media. We only show the good bits don’t we? And it’s so easy to feel inadequate next to others.

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thanks Ray and yep, I kind of worry about the teenagers today who might not be quite old or mature enough to realise the truth behind the facade, I definitely talk about it with my boys. Even I get sucked in sometimes!x

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