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Photos of Cornwall: This Mummy Loves


On Photos of Cornwall today we have the very lovely Sonia of This Mummy Loves and The Places We Will Go sharing her gorgeous photos with us.


Crooklets Beach


Do you live in Cornwall and if not what brought you here?


No we don’t live in Cornwall but would love to one day. We try and get down for our holidays often as we just love it.


Where is your favourite place (or places) in Cornwall and why?


I think it would have to be Holywell Bay. The beach is just perfect for families, the kids love to tumble down the sand dunes and no matter how busy it is I always feel completely relaxed there.


Holywell Bay


What camera do you use the most for your photos?


My iPhone 7 closely followed by my Canon Powershot GX7 Mark 2. My phone is so convenient though so I find myself just using that constantly as it produces some beautiful photos.


If you could take a photograph of anyone or anywhere in the world, where or who would you choose?


It would have to be the tulip fields in the Netherlands. Tulips are my absolute favourite flowers so this would be heaven for me.


Bude sea


Describe Cornwall in a maximum of three words:


Best Place Ever!!!! That’s how my kids describe it ;)


Pasty or Cream tea?


Cream tea for sure and it’s always jam then cream for me!


Holywell Bay fishing


If you could be anywhere in the World right now doing anything, what would you be doing and where?


If I could right now I’d be sat on a sun lounger in the Maldives with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other… sounds like heaven to me :)


Please tell me a random fact about you?


As a teenager I sold Sir Cliff Richard a Bakewell Pudding :D


Sea Pool Bude


Thank you so much Sonia for sharing your photos with us! I think your random fact is actually my favourite one so far ha!


Stevie x


If you would like to take part in Photos of Cornwall, then drop me an email at and I will tell you what you need to do. You don’t need to be a blogger or a professional photographer, it is open to anyone who wants to share their love of Cornwall.


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  • Sonia

    Thanks for featuring my photos lovely. I really love this feature – it’s so nice to read all about the love for Cornwall! I am so jealous of you living there x

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