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Photos of Cornwall – Darren Shilson

There’s a new addition to my Photos of Cornwall section today by Darren Shilson of Dexla Media. As always I sent a list of questions and Darren sent me the replies and the gorgeous photos below. Here’s what Darren had to say..


Darren Shilson



Web Developer


Are you Cornish and if not what brought you to the best County?:

I pride myself on being half Cornish and have always tried to have at least a foot permanently in Cornwall. I’ve lived here for 8 years now after realising I was spending practically every weekend driving 3 hours down and back to stay here. I will try anything I can to stay here now.


Photos of Cornwall - St Michaels Mount
St Michael’s Mount Sunset


If you could take a photograph of anyone or any place in the World who would you choose and/or where?:

I’ve always been fascinated with storm chasing and I am itching to take a trip over to the USA to spend some time hunting down and photographing Tornadoes and the amazing storms they have over there. With age, I seem to have the fear factor with most things in life now, but I can only imagine the adrenalin rush I’d feel chasing down and capturing these wonders of nature.


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?:

I might be stoned for not saying a Pasty, but I love Indian food so it would have to be curry, this won’t agree with my stomach which has suffered over the years and would probably cry out for salad, but I’ve enjoyed many curries, in many places and I couldn’t imagine not having one every now and again.


Where is your favourite place in Cornwall?:

Godrevy is one place that holds so many memories of my time so far in Cornwall. It offers so many different things, from spotting wildlife to clambering over the rocks and rock pooling, to the breath-taking views and a nice coffee at the end of a long walk.


It’s an extremely photogenic area and is blissfully unspoilt with Sunsets throughout the summer months, the Lighthouse compliments any photo and during the winter, the weather extremes only adds to the atmosphere of the place.


What camera do you use the most?:

I’m actually using my mobile phone a lot more than my DSLR recently and processing the images with the app SnapSeed. I can normally be found quickly editing the pics and uploading them to my social media accounts if I’m just sat grabbing a coffee after a walk or shoot with my big Canon.


I was an early adopter to cameras on mobile phones, but the quality was leaving much to be desired, thankfully software manufacturers and developers are more photographer friendly these days and appreciate the need for quality even if a large percentage of photos taken on phones these days are selfies.


Gribbin Head Cornwall -
Gribbin Head


Any photography tips for novices?:

The one thing I’ve learnt over the years is patience, if you’re determined to nail some amazing landscape pictures, don’t expect to go out and take them right straight away, sometimes you need to wait for the light to be better or in the case of my photos, mainly waiting for clouds to disperse or even appear. Always pack some food and a drink to keep you company during the wait. Time and time again, my patience has been rewarded.


Secondly, quality over quantity, when I first started landscape photography, I would go somewhere and take 200-300 photos and then spent ages pouring over them until I found maybe five I wanted to keep and process, maybe this is an experience and time thing, but I would always suggest researching a location and looking at what kind of images you want to take and then you’ll find you’ll probably take 10-20 images and each one will be perfect for your needs.


Lastly, have fun and stay normal! I’ve come across so many people out and about who obsess over charts and rules and miss the perfect shot because of that. Also success does go to people’s heads sometimes and that’s a shame, we should all be able to take and give criticism without fear. Photography can be fun and keeping it fun means people will continue to push its boundaries.




What is your favourite photograph that you’ve ever taken?:

It’s not one that’s shown anywhere, but I’ve taken so many pictures of my children that a few always bring a tear to my eye when I look at them and it’s one of the rare occasions that I got them together long enough to shoot some images with my lighting set up.


There was one image that summed up how amazing they are when they are together and just for a moment without any bickering or sibling rivalry they posed perfectly for me and I got the image that always makes me smile.


Tell me a random fact about yourself?:

Sadly I’m a weak left hander, oddly enough I write left-handed, but do everything else right-handed
and right footed. I’m not sure how or why, but it always raises an eyebrow during conversation.


If you like Darren’s work (how could you not?!), then you can pop to the Dexla Media website where some of his work is for sale. Apart from not choosing pasties as his only food, which I can just about forgive him for, I really enjoyed Darren’s answers.


Not entirely sure I’ll be chasing tornadoes myself any time soon, but it does sound very exciting and I can just imagine the amazing photos! This time I could honestly not pick a favourite out of Darren’s photos, I loved them all!

Stevie x


*Professional, amateur and anything in between, if you would like to be featured in Photos of Cornwall then get in touch via my contact form on here, email me at, on Twitter @stevie_couch or via my Facebook page A Cornish Mum Blog*


  • Lucy Magicmaker

    I’m so pleased that a (half) Cornish person finally said their favourite food is something other than a pasty or a cream tea ! How refreshing to think that an Indian Curry is top of the menu for Darren :) Thank heavens for a multi-cultural Cornwall !

  • acornishmum

    I do like curry as well and loads of other food, but I think I could survive happily off just pasties and they have veg in them! ;)

    Stevie x

  • Natalie Ray

    Oh wow, what gorgeous photos. And I just love that he takes a lot of photos on his mobile phone. Almost all of mine are mobile photos. I’m no photographer but the advantage of mobile phones is that they’re readily available. I get some great pics just for the sake of carrying my phone in my pocket.x

  • acornishmum

    I’m the same with my phone hon, it’s what I do most of my blog photos with and is the same quality as my actual camera at the moment anyway, which I love! The camera is always a definite selling point to me when I am choosing a new phone :)

    Stevie xx

  • Becster

    Amazing photos by Darren! I’m also impressed that he takes a lot of photos with his mobile – gives me hope! I just wish I had a better camera phone!

  • Darren

    Becster, to be honest, it really doesn’t matter what camera you have, whether it’s a mobile phone one, a small handheld or a £2k DLSR, you just need to believe in what your eye is seeing and what your brain makes out to be an amazing image, I’ve spoken to so many people who fret over having a rubbish camera, but as I spoke about in one of my answers, it should always be about the fun aspect of taking photos, don’t have hope, have faith in your abilities and capture the moment just for you!

  • Becster

    Thanks for the advice. I just find that there is so much difference between my iPhone4 and the iPhone 5S. But I’ve been told by Orange that it’s not the camera but the screen res of the phone. I’ll keep on taking photos with my phone regardless!

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