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Photos of Cornwall – Ian Lewis

Another entry for my photos of Cornwall section! Today’s photos of Cornwall is by Ian Lewis, and there’s a link at the bottom to his website, which you should definitely check out, as he has some amazing work on there.

Here’s what Ian has to say:

Ian Lewis
Retail Manager
Are you Cornish and if not what brought you to Cornwall?:
I was born and raised in Kent.  I moved in 2004 with my parents and don’t regret it for a second. Cornwall has given me a wife, daughter and an unhealthy addiction to photography!
Where is your favourite place in Cornwall?:
A really tough one!  I love Cornwall for its such varied places.  I guess it would have to be Godrevy. Great family memories and always comes up trumps in the photography department.
Carn Brea
Carn Brea
Which do you prefer to capture with your lens, landscapes, people or animals?:
Landscapes is where I started in photography and still fires my passion, but I am just happy to be behind a camera these days.  I enjoy the different technical challenges shooting different subjects creates.
What camera do you use the most?:
Probably my Canon 550D.  It isn’t technically the best camera in my bag but it always seems to deliver the goods.
Cream tea or pasty?:
Easy, cream tea.  I have a sweet tooth!
Wheal Coates
Wheal Coates
Do you have any tips for amateur photographers?:
Planning.  Whether that be on the spot, thinking through what you are trying to achieve before just pointing and clicking, or spending time before you even leave the house to look at weather, tides etc.  It is not unusual for me to visit locations even without a camera when I am planning.
What is your favourite photograph that you have ever taken and why?:
I literally taken thousands a year and don’t tend to have favourites.  I have shots I am proud of but I don’t dwell on them.  I’m always looking ahead to the next opportunity.  There is a shot (from the 3 included) that I have always been proud of but even now where my photography has progressed there are things I would have done differently at the time and in post editing.
This particular shot always sticks in my mind because I recall standing on the beach with my camera under a cloth sheltering from the rain.  There was a gap on the horizon that I knew the sun had a chance to penetrate and my patience paid off. You know the have the photography bug when you are waiting for the ‘light.’
Castle Beach Falmouth
Castle Beach – Falmouth
Tell me a random fact about you?:
I’m a huge Mark Knopfler fan.


Thank you Ian for some stunning photographs, I think my favourite is definitely Castle Beach, it was well worth your wait to catch that one at the exact right moment! I’m now itching to get out with my camera again.
If you want to see more of Ian’s work then you can pop to the Ian Lewis Photography website.


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