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Photos of Cornwall – Kernow Shots

A new entry for my favourite section of my blog today, well it’s hard not to love Photos of Cornwall! I asked today’s entry to let me feature them, after seeing their stunning photos on Instagram, where they get a lot of well deserved attention. You should definitely check out Kernow Shots on Instagram.

Lee Stephens


I work in Fiat sales for Vospers Truro.
Perranporth Cornwall
Are you Cornish and if not what brought you to the best County?:
Cornish born and bred, I’m lucky to have lived in Falmouth all my life.

What camera do you mostly use?:
I mostly use my Nikon D3200 but I have a GoPro for water based photos and also use my iPhone as the camera on that is very good.

Do you have a favourite part of Cornwall and if so where?:
I’m a keen surfer, so anywhere on the coast. Although if I had to name a favourite, it would probably be Porthcurno. The views from the Minack are stunning and the water is always so clear and blue down there.

What is your favourite film?:
Mission impossible, I am a bit of an action film fan.


If you could capture anyone in the World through your lens anywhere in the World, who and where would you choose?:
Kelly Slater (11 time world surfing champion) in Tahiti… He’s a total legend and who wouldn’t want to go to a tropical island?!


Pasty or cream tea?:
Definitely a pasty! Although I wouldn’t say no to the cream tea after!
Do you have a favourite photo that you’ve taken and if so which one?:
I’ve spent a lot of time over on the North Coast this summer trying to capture sunsets and I do really like the light in my cave picture from Perranporth…

Perranporth Cave
Perranporth Cave

Tell me a random fact about yourself?:
I really don’t like spiders, in fact anything with more than four legs scares the life out of me!

Thank you Lee, your last answer made me laugh as I am also very suspicious and likely to squeal at anything with over four legs! My favourite photo is the cave at Perranporth one, it’s very dramatic and I can see why it’s one of your favourites as well.

If you want to see more of Lee’s photography, you can click on the link at the top of the page to his Instagram profile or pop to the Kernow Shots Facebook page.

I was amazed that Lee doesn’t actually work as a photographer, and this is more of a hobby for him. One of my favourite hobbies as well, which I haven’t had time to do very much lately. Thinking I need to start hanging around on beaches when the sun is going down though!

*Professional, amateur and anything in between, if you would like to be featured in Photos of Cornwall then get in touch via my contact form on here, email me at, on Twitter @stevie_couch or via my Facebook page A Cornish Mum Blog*

Stevie x


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