St Michael's Mount, the Giant's Heart
Photos of Cornwall

Photos of Cornwall with Wishful Wonderings


A new addition to Photos of Cornwall, the first one for 2017 from the lovely Cathy of Wishful Wonderings.





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Wishful Wonderings


Photos of Cornwall with Wishful Wonderings


What brought you to Cornwall – if you don’t live here?

Up until 3 years ago I had never been to Cornwall. People told me how beautiful the coastal regions were but I do not think you appreciate it’s true beauty unless you have seen it for yourself. It is such a shame that we live about 6 hours away otherwise I would definitely be visiting more often.


Where is your favourite place in Cornwall?

I have so many favourite places, Mousehole, and Porthleven to name a couple and we also thoroughly enjoyed visiting St Michael’s Mount. There are many more places that I would love to see and explore.


Photos of Cornwall with Wishful Wonderings


What camera/mobile phone do you usually use for your photos?

I usually use my phone which is a Sony Xperia X, it takes really good photos and means I do not have to carry my camera around.


If you could take a photograph of anyone or anywhere in the world, where or who would you choose?

It has to be the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, it has the most stunning scenery, with 16 lakes connected by waterfalls and surrounded by lush greenery it is on my To Do List before I’m 60.


St Michael's Mount, the Giant's Heart


Describe Cornwall in a maximum of three words:

Beautiful welcoming County


Pasty or Cream tea?

Mmm Cream Tea for me and it’s jam and then cream 😊.


Photos of Cornwall, Wishful Wonderings


If you could be anywhere in the World right now doing anything, what would you be doing and where?

For the fact I am in need of some relaxation and an escape from the stress of family illness it would have to be the Maldives, sun, sea and cocktails.


Please tell me a random fact about you?

I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl and lost identical twins at 12 weeks.



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