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Poldark Filming Locations in Cornwall.

A few weeks ago Simon and I went on a little Poldark inspired adventure. Not only did we go down Poldark Mine, but we also went to visit Levant Mine although, we didn’t go down this one we just admired the view, and we also popped to Charlestown. All of these places were Poldark filming locations, and all lovely places to visit!


Charlestown we had been to countless times before, as it is not far from where we live, and is also a lovely place to visit for small independent shops, places to eat, and to see the beautiful tall ships that are there most of the time.


These ships have been used in a lot of films and television series, such as Apocalypto, Count of Monte Cristo, Doctor Who, Hornblower, Three Musketeers and of course Poldark. That’s not anywhere near a complete list either!

Charlestown Ships -


Charlestown harbour itself has also been a very popular filming location and I can remember the excitement of many when Doctor Who was filming there. You can easily see why Charlestown is so popular as a location on screens, it’s lovely down there, and has a great deal of charm to the place.

Charlestown Harbour -


We also went to Levant Mine, and I was a little disappointed we didn’t have better weather for our visit, I can imagine how stunning it would be to visit on a clear day, as it was beautiful there even on an overcast day.


The actual mine is looked after by the National Trust, and now that we have our new family National Trust membership we intend to do back and actually enter the site properly rather than cheekily scouting the outside of it.


Visiting Levant Mine in the far West of Cornwall really set the scene for our Poldark day, as there are so many old chimney stacks and old mine buildings in the area, they are very hard to miss and it really does hit home how important mining was to our Cornish ancestors.


Poldark has shown people what a hard life it was, and I’m pretty sure these tough genes have been carried down in many Cornish people, especially in men like my lovely boyfriend, who works hard with his hands all day, and is exhausted a lot of the time, but just gets on with it (with only an occasional complaint).

Levant Mine -


The far West of Cornwall is very rugged, and in places not a lot seems to have changed from the era when Poldark is based. I came over all Demelza whilst we were there, and stood with the wind blowing through my hair, then regretted it when it took me ten minutes to detangle it!


We had a brilliant day out investigating Poldark filming locations, and I love that Poldark has inspired us to get more creative with our days out at the moment, and to go further afield in Cornwall than we often tend usually to. I also love that Poldark is showing others just how stunningly beautiful the county we are lucky enough to live in is.


Have you been to Poldark Mine, Levant Mine or Charlestown before?


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  • Brigitte Ravenscroft

    We passed Levant only yesterday, but didn’t stop. The far west is my very favourite part of Cornwall. I love the wild moors and dramatic coastine. You really do feel that you have come to where the land ends!
    I have visited Charlestown but not since the boys were still young enough to get away without wearing trunks! I really must go back sometime. x

  • Emma English

    I absolutely love reading your blog. I am so envious of the beautiful places you go and live! I am so excited to be going to the poldark mines when i come to Cornwall, Any other places you would recommend would be great to hear about! Such a Poldark fan now!! xx

  • Sarah By The Sea

    I love Poldark :) It shows our beloved Kernow off so beautifully ^_^
    I remember discovering the little mine houses down at Botallack a while back whilst adventuring with a friend and it was so wild and powerful down there. When I saw it on Poldark it made me incredibly happy ^.^ Wheal Coates is another favourite of mine :) I grew up in Illogan, so exploring mine stacks was a past time of mine as a child. I love how Poldark is celebrating the old mining times and bringing it all back for us to look at, learn about and enjoy :) ♥

    Sarah xxo |

  • Emma

    I have to confess I still haven’t watched Poldark. I keep meaning to, and then missing it. Must try harder. I also need to start planning some visits a bit further afield from the Northern bit of Cornwall where I live, looks like I’m missing some spectacular sights!

  • acornishmum

    I hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday! Ours has been perfect so far Tintagel was a lovely start to it yesterday. It’s one of my favourite places it’s so beautiful.there.
    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Thanks lovely, where will you be staying? I’ll let you know anywhere I can think of around you then! Lands end is amazing as is Tintagel, Charlestown, Padstow and loads more! Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    I’m loving that doing the blog is encouraging me to get out even more than usual, there’s some places in Cornwall even I haven’t been before!

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    It’s on iplayer and definitely worth a catch up watch! You should definitely investigate more of Cornwall lovely, and let me know if you’re down my way any time for a cuppa!

    Stevie x

  • Ashley Beolens

    Beautiful scenery, I’m afraid I don’t watch Poldark so means nothing to me in that sense but beautiful none the less.

  • acornishmum

    It’s definitely a lovely little place, I can walk there from my house – it would take about 25 mins or so though :) My youngest walked there from his school last week for a beach day and for history

    Stevie x

  • Emilie Roe

    We’ve just had a holiday to Cornwall and whilst in Tintagel we saw a gift shop full of Poldark goodies. Up until then, we’d never watched it but it prompted us to start watching it as we’d run out of other series to watch. Now we are hooked and gutted that we are back in Norfolk and can’t go and visit all the lovely things from Poldark in Cornwall, until next years summer holiday.

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