The Polpeor Café on The Lizard in Cornwall


Si and I went for a long walk yesterday down at the Lizard and popped in for lunch at the Polpeor Café down there.


The Polpeor Cafe is the most southerly cafe you’ll find in Britain, so it was a bit of a drive for us from St Austell, but well worth it as it’s such a beautiful area. The roads actually weren’t too busy despite it being the school holidays and we parked easily too.


Sea views around the Lizard Cornwall


Parking at The Polpeor Café


There’s a pretty huge National Trust car park just up a bit from the café, which is free for members to park in or a few pounds for a couple of hours if not. We paid £5 for the over 2 hours option since we were planning a long walk as well. You could also park in the big car park in Lizard itself and walk to the cafe from there. It’s a scenic walk where ever you park.


The Polpeor Café


The front of The Polpeor Café doesn’t really jump out at you as being especially impressive, as you expect it to be pretty small inside, but the inside is lovely, a bit of a Tardis size wise and as soon as you look towards the back of the building you are hit with the stunning views through the windows. You really are right by the sea and no matter what the weather it’s a fantastic place to sit and watch the sea.


Polpeor Caféfront view


They have a decent sized seating area out the back as well, so you can eat and drink whilst feeling the sea breeze on your face and whilst trying to spot seals and more. The outside seats were pretty busy when we first arrived (though it cleared out before we left) and I am always mistrusting of sea gulls ha, so we sat inside but with a great view out of the windows. Next time we go I am definitely getting there earlier to nab a good seat outside though! I mean just look at the views that you get.


Polpeor cafe outside seating area with sea views


outside seating Polpeor cafe


The Menu at The Polpeor Café


I’ve included two photos of the menu below, but in case they aren’t easy to see on your screen or you’re visually impaired, basically they serve everything from lasagne, ham egg and chips, omelettes, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and pasties to whitebait, sirloin steaks, duck and luxury fish pie. With lots of vegetarian options and more thrown in.


Not to mention desserts, breakfasts, cream teas, cakes and alcohol – Si enjoyed a nice Cornish lager. There seems to be something for everyone on the menu and they had specials as well including lobster.


Polpeor Cafe menu

Polpeor Cafe menu other side


I contemplated ordering something Instagram worthy photo wise and there were some really pretty looking dishes being served to others whist we were there, but I went with pasty and chips the same as Si. It was delicious and the pasty was huge! The level of service in the café is always high too, with everyone being friendly and helpful and there was a lovely jovial atmosphere between the staff themselves as well.


Giant pasty and chips - Polpeor cafe


You can also pay by card there, in case you were thinking of going and wondered. I know in theory you should be able to pay by card pretty much everywhere these days, but in reality that’s not always the case in Cornwall! Also bear in mind the fact that there isn’t a toilet there, the nearest one is up by the National Trust car park near to the lighthouse.


Sign in Polpeor Cafe - no wifi enjoy the view ha!


If you’re looking for somewhere to eat with a beautiful view, good food and somewhere stunning to walk the food off afterwards or work out an appetite beforehand, then I would definitely recommend The Polpeor Café. This was our second visit and we’ll definitely be going back!


Stevie x

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