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Post Office Broadband have partnered with Google’s Digital Garage programme and a number of libraries across the UK to provide free Digital Garage Drop-Ins.


The aim of the drop-ins is to give people the chance to come along to the libraries where the drop-ins will be held and have access to some free digital skills workshops and some one to one coaching.


At the drop-in sessions, people can learn from scratch how to use the Internet, they can learn how to be safe online and keep their families safe as well – plus, they can even bring their own devices along to be taught how to use them.


Digital Drop-Ins


These days being able to use the internet is pretty much essential, for day-to-day living and for work. So many jobs that in the past would not have involved the internet at all, now do in some way.


It isn’t just for work that the Internet is so important though, it can keep families in contact. I love that my own Nan emails me from her iPad and we can have a chat in between visits, without it making her phone bill huge. The Internet meant that even when my eldest sister was living in Turkey, I could still see lots of photos of my niece and nephew and chat to her.


When sadly there are so many lonely people in the world (especially the elderly), being able to use the Internet and communicate with other people can be the difference between being able to chat to people and not ‘talking’ to a single person all day for some people.


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The Internet has opened up a whole new world for so many people, but unfortunately lots have been left behind and might not have family or friends that can help to show them what to do online, or they might not like to bother them.


According to research commissioned by Post Office Broadband, As many as one in five people (20%) do not feel digitally confident and in Plymouth it is a third (31%) of people who feel like this, so it is just as well that one of the drop-ins will be in Plymstock library! More information on that and other events later on in this post.


Meredith Sharples, Director, Post Office Broadband comments:


“Advancements in technology have enhanced our lives in so many ways, yet it’s likely many of us will have found the pace of all this change daunting at one time or another.

“Our research shows that this is a shared concern for so many, across all ages, regions and walks of life, and 73% want to upskill and boost their digital confidence.”


We have a friend ourselves who doesn’t have the internet at home and doesn’t have a clue how to use it anyway. Because of this, for years before we stepped in to help him by going online for him, he was paying really highly over the top for so many of his bills and the things he was buying, as he couldn’t shop around online to compare prices. Being able to use the Internet these days really is a life-skill, that I feel is important to be taught.


tablet and phone


I’m obviously a fan of the Internet, since I’ve used it to carve a living for myself now in my own little corner of the digital world. I am definitely ‘digital savvy’, but I am still going along to the drop-in session at the Plymstock library on Friday 20th July to see the sessions in action, to see what they are all about and report back to all of you lovely people.


You can come along too if you would like, the drop-ins are free! You can find out more and register on the Post Office Digital Drop-Ins site.


If Plymstock is too far for you, then there are also sessions running in the following places on the dates listed below;


Southampton Friday 6th July 

Cardiff Friday 3rd August

Norwich Friday 17th August

Belfast Friday 31st August


If there isn’t a drop-in near to you, then there is also the option to register to be emailed as and when an event near to you is upcoming. Do you feel 100% confident with everything digital and knowing how to stay safe online?


Stevie x

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