Prevent Your Parcels Smashing in the Post With These Tips

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There are three main things that can happen when sending a parcel that can ruin the recipient’s birthday, Christmas or other special occasion. The first option is it doesn’t arrive, the second is it turns up incredibly late and the third is that it gets there but is badly damaged or broken. While there’s not much you can do to prevent the first two, there are various actions you can take to reduce the chance of any parcels you send smashing in the post. 




Use a Reliable Delivery Service

Whether you’re sending a package within the UK, require postage to France, the USA or elsewhere, choose the delivery service wisely. Certain couriers and delivery companies have good reputations and should be sought out, but others don’t fare as well. Do some research and read plenty of customer reviews, especially if you can find examples of people sending parcels to the same location you will be.


Add Plenty of Padding

In order to best protect your items, from glassware to fragile and other delicate products, it’s important properly pad everything out. Wrapping everything up as tightly as possible is vital, while you can use the likes of packing peanuts, polystyrene and other materials to further fill in any gaps. If it’s only something small, then you may be able to use a padded envelope. Make sure the box it’s in is an appropriate size that keeps excess space to a minimum.


Protect Sharp Edges

A common way that many parcels become damaged is with any sharp items contained breaking out and the edges of the parcel itself getting scuffed and ripping. Reduce the chance of this by effectively sealing the edges and openings with nylon or vinyl tape. Flatten any sharp edges, especially where there may be staples or metal fastenings, and cover with tape too.


Label It

Stick on a label saying ‘fragile’ where necessary, even one that details the contents if you aren’t concerned about theft. This may not completely solve the problem but hopefully it will show to whoever’s delivering that the contents are delicate and shouldn’t just be chucked into the back of a van.


Know How to Complain

If your recipient receives a damaged parcel, understand the steps to take to complain and receive compensation. Don’t just accept that it has happened, contact the courier and provide as much evidence as possible to increase your chances of a refund. The same is true if the delivery arrives late. It’s still not ideal but is better than nothing.


Reduce the chance of your Christmas and birthday gifts smashing in the post by making the most of these tips.

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