Qwerkity -Swiss Card Nailcare Review

When it comes to choosing Mother’s Day or other gifts for your Mum, it can be hard to keep it interesting and to think of new ideas every year.

If you are lucky and have a Mum that you love and want to treat, but want something a bit different from the usual flowers and chocolates (actually include chocolates, if she doesn’t want them I’ll eat them) then Qwerkity could have the answer.

When I first looked at their site, I was surprised by just how many different items they have on there, everything including a chocolate teapot! Supposedly a useless item, but I wouldn’t say no – yum.


Qwerkity gifts


Qwerkity sent me a present as an early Mother’s Day gift recently, a Swiss card especially for nails and nail care. I’d seen these cards before, but with handy tools inside for fixing or cutting things. This card is actually very pretty as well in a nice blue colour.

SwissNail card


It does have handy tools, but they are mostly of the nailcare variety. Inside my card are the following;

Glass Nail File



Stainless Steel Pin

Ballpoint pen


Magnifying Glass

Screwdriver – 5mm and 3mm

Phillips Screwdriver – 1-2 and 00-0


Swiss Nail Card


As you can see from the photo above, the card is amazingly thin considering all that it has inside it, and fits perfectly into the small pocket inside my handbag. I’m sure it would also fit in to many wallets as well, very handy.

I like the mix of tools and nails bits in the card, so it’s extra handy as well as helpful cosmetically. I’m trying to grow my nails, so this will come in handy for making sure I file down any breakages rather than biting my nails and making them worse.

Tweezers are something I am always losing, so having a pair now inside a card I’m going to keep in my bag will mean I can always find a pair – plus I can have a sneaky tweeze when my car mirror shows me that my eyebrows have gone wild without me noticing and I’m just about to walk in to a meeting!

I’ll also be using the tooth picker as a nail cleaner as I can’t see myself tooth picking in public and at home I use a toothbrush and floss. Having something so handy to clean nails is great though, especially for grotty children whose dirty nails you only notice just before you head out

On the Qwerkity site, this card is £29.99 at the moment, and I really do think it would make a great present. I was really happy to receive mine and I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about it…. except it didn’t come with a chocolate teapot ;)


Stevie x


*I was sent the item in this post for an honest review and as always that is what I have given*


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