Rainbow Wraps with Birdseye
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Quick and Healthy Rainbow Wraps with BirdsEye

Rainbow Wraps with Birdseye


The older the boys have gotten, the ‘busier’ they have become. They are often rushing to meet friends here there and everywhere, which a lot of the time involves me playing taxi driver. This added to the fact that I work these days (at home but it is still time-consuming)┬ámeans that some nights we just don’t have time for me to cook anything that takes a lot of time.


We could easily end up with pizza or something on toast every night, but despite how busy we all are I still want them to be getting their five (or is it seven now?!) a day and to be eating as healthily as possible. This is why I make them my ‘rainbow’ wraps.


chopped peppers


The fruit, salad and vegetables that I chop up ready for the wraps varies, but I try to do as many different options as possible since everyone here has different tastes in what they like, other than me who likes everything. Also I like to get as many different sorts of fruit and vegetables into them as possible and this is a great way to do that.


Time wise it is such a quick meal to prep, I can even chop it all up earlier on in the day ready for tea as well. We have BirdsEye chicken with it, usually the Chicken Chargrills, but also sometimes the BirdsEye Southern Fried Chicken or BirdsEye Chicken Dippers – all of which are 100% chicken breast inside any of the breadcrumbs or batter.


cucumber chopping


One of my best buys ever was my big partitioned serving bowl, it’s actually melamine and came from a cheap shop somewhere a long time ago. Having the different sections to pop everything into is handy, as I pop it all on the table and let everyone make their own wraps.


I also sometimes use this dish to pop melted chocolate in the middle and different types of fruit around the edge to dunk in, plus big marshmallows for a treat.


Make your own Rainbow chicken chargrill wraps with Birdseye


My rainbow wraps are perfect for hot sunny days when you really don’t fancy a huge hot tea or slaving in a hot kitchen all afternoon. The BirdsEye Chicken Chargrills just need to be popped into the oven for around 20 minutes, this really is such a quick easy but healthy tea.


I would eat it pretty much every night personally, partly as it tastes great, but also in all honesty as I am a bit lazy when it comes to cooking!


Rainbow wraps with fruit and Birdseye Chargrilled chicken


What’s your favourite quick fix tea (or dinner depending on where you live!) for busy days?


Stevie x

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