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I’ve not been on social media or on my blog as much lately and this post, is partly just to say hi and I’m still here ha!


One of the reasons that I haven’t been around as much, is that my laptop was well and truly on its way out and I was a bit wary of using it too much when the hinges were cracking and making noises every time that I open or closed it.


Life update - life lately


I was right to be wary, as over the weekend my HP Envy laptop decided that all the little bits of broken plastic hinges inside the machine weren’t welcome and it started to smoke rather a lot. Slightly worrying to say the least, honestly who knew that a laptop could end up with smoke coming out of it?!


I have had enough of laptops and I’ve gone for an all-in-one desktop pc instead, it has a gigantic screen, so if I follow you on social media your head in your profile image is now GIANT to me unless I change the size of my browser window ha! Obviously some people will still have a big head… but mostly those people are on my mute or block lists anyway.


Anyway if you need quick delivery then Currys PC World are ace (not an ad I bought my own pc) I ordered it in the afternoon on the Sunday and it was delivered at 3pm on the Monday! Talk about service and it has meant that I am back up and running again whoop!


Something else keeping us busy was a trip to A and E with the teenager, who somehow managed to break his baby finger on his right hand whilst playing with a football. I am actually amazed really, considering how clumsy both of the boys have been over the years, that this is our first breakage for one of them. He’s in a bit of a pain and we’re awaiting an appointment with a specialist to check it out, but it could be a lot worse.


We did however have to cancel a review, which I was slightly gutted by as we were going to be writing about going for a sea kayaking lesson. It will hopefully happen once his finger has recovered though. Despite it only being his baby one, having it strapped to the finger next to it would have made paddling tricky and the bruising/swelling would have been too painful. Have you tried sea kayaking before? Is it as fun as it looks?


The teenager turns 14 tomorrow and I am suddenly feeling really rather old, I swear it wasn’t that long ago that I was 14. He has also shot up recently and is the same height as me, although he claims he is taller. He definitely has bigger feet than me and is eating us out of house and home with his growth spurts.


I am so looking forward to the school holidays for lots of lie-ins and for spending more time with them – when they can fit me in to their busy social lives of course. We’re also off to Dudley – weird holiday choice when we live in Cornwall I know, but we’re off to visit family who live near there and I can’t wait. Wish me luck with the motorway driving though, as I have never driven for long on the motorway and I won’t lie it scares the heck out of me!


Since they say things come in threes, let’s hope our third breakage after the laptop and the teen’s finger isn’t the car on the motorway eek! Cross your fingers for me.


Stevie x

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