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I don’t often join in with tag posts, but I thought I would today as a bit of fun after being tagged by the lovely Laura. Here are some random questions and my answers.


Blogger's Random Q&A Tag


When was the last time you cried?


A few days ago when my dodgy hip and back suddenly made my leg give way and I was in a huge amount of pain. I may be turning 35 next month, but I think my body got confused and thinks it’s turning 95 ha! It’s okay ish again now and I’m on a bit of a mission to lose weight to help and doing some physio recommended exercises. Other than that it was probably over something sad I watched or read, I’m a bit of a softy!


If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?


Of course I’m amazing! Ha, honestly though I would hope that I would want to be friends with me if I was someone else. I try to be a nice person, I’m kind and good to have as a friend, though I don’t share food – just call me Joey.


Do you use sarcasm a lot?


Yes all the time.


What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their smile, I think you can tell a lot about a person by how quick they are to smile and how genuine it looks. I like smiley people.


Scary movie or happy endings?


Happy endings (totally didn’t snigger at the wording) for definite. I am a sucker for a romance or comedy film, though I do love action and superhero films too. Basically all that you know are likely to end well. I hate scary films with a passion and I can’t actually watch them. I shriek, hide behind a cushion and generally drive Si mad if we try to watch a scary film. Not only that but my overactive imagination also gives me nightmares.


Favourite smells?

Oh so many, Armani Si perfume which is what I usually wear,  the smell of fresh bedding when you get into a clean just changed bed, anything cooking with garlic in, scampi and lemon fries (yes I know most people probably find the smell of these gross), baking bread, coffee, especially when you first open a jar of coffee and loads more.


What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

Universal Orlando Resort in the United States, which we went to last year on a review stay amazingly! Absolutely the holiday of a lifetime and I really hope we get to go back one day!


Universal Studios Globe


Do you have any special talents?

I am especially good at saying the wrong thing when I’m nervous and the verbal diarrhoea kicks in, other than that I don’t think I have a special talent as such.


Where were you born?


In a hospital in Truro down here in Cornwall. I’ve never lived anywhere other than Cornwall and I highly doubt that I ever will.


What are your hobbies?

Well blogging obviously! I also love photography, beach or clifftop walks and I’ve recently taken up crochet as well.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Either a lawyer or a writer, so I kind of achieved the writer part. Though I think I more wanted to write fiction, who knows maybe I will one day!


How many countries have you been to?

I have been to Mallorca, Lanzarote, the USA, Ireland and France – so five different countries, unless Lanzarote or Mallorca count as being part of Spain… geography isn’t something I am even vaguely good at.




What was your favourite/worst subject in School?

My favourite was English, I always found it really easy and I also loved History. I hated food technoology, as I was hopeless at it and I am still a bit rubbish in the kitchen! I wish in schools they taught you the basics, meals you might actually want to cook and then eat. It hasn’t gotten much better, my boys have cooked some really random things at their school.


What is your Favourite drink?

Coke Zero and coffee equally. I should probably drink a lot less of both, but love both too much to give them up.


What would you (or have you) named your children?

I actually don’t mention the boys names much online anymore since they’re both in secondary school and I don’t want them to be too ‘searchable’ on Google etc, so I’m abstaining from this one. I did suggest Joey or Chandler when pregnant and hormonal though… you’d never guess that I’m a Friends fan!


Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

I actually don’t watch a huge amount of YouTube other than crochet how-to videos and watching bloggy friends. I love watching Beth from Twinderelmo though, partly because we’re friends but live hours away from each other, and it’s nice to see her on video, but also because she’s a natural on camera and I love catching up on her Slimming World progress. Plus I love her accent. Ooh which reminds me, I actually also love watching Mel from Le Coin de Mel as I love her French accent, she’s also lovely.


How many Boyfriends have you had?

Basically only one important one that needs mentioning and that’s Si. We’ve been together for over 7 years now and as much as he winds me up (on purpose) I wouldn’t change him or what we have. He’s an amazing unofficial stepdad to the boys too.


Favourite memory from childhood?

I don’t really have one particular one that stands out really. Lots of good memories though, especially of Christmas and childhood friends.


How would you describe your fashion sense?

Pretty awful or just lazy? I very rarely make an effort with clothes, possibly because I work from home so I go for comfort and warmth over fashionable. I would love a makeover where someone better at it chose my clothes and did my hair and make-up!


Tell us one of your bad habits!

Grinding my teeth! I do it when I’m stressed and I also do it in my sleep when stressed, poor Si I think it drives him a bit mad as it can be noisy. It’s also awful for my teeth and gives me an achy jaw.


So there you have it lots of random things you probably didn’t care about knowing about me ha! I am tagging the following bloggers to have at go at answering the questions too – Polly from Our Seaside Baby, Tracey The Williams World, Danielle Someone’s Mum, Fi from Dolly Dowsie and Emma Sophie Ella and Me.


Stevie x

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  1. 14 March 2018 / 8:59 pm

    omg we have so many similar traits, I always say the wrong thing, going me teeth when I am stressed and the first thing I notice is smiles and teeth I think it is because I have always hated my own teeth until I had a veneer to straighten it a little x

    • 14 March 2018 / 9:28 pm

      With the grinding I’m amazed I have any teeth left ha! Though I have managed to break two of them by doing it eek. I’m also petrified of the dentist, so I should really try and find a way to stop doing it or de-stress ha!

      Stevie x

  2. 14 March 2018 / 10:32 pm

    I love that you considered Joey or Chandler as names! English was one of my favourite subjects too but I much preferred English Language and not Literature! x

    • 14 March 2018 / 11:09 pm

      I loved both language and literature, though I did Literature at college, I’ve always been such a bookworm! I was also pretty obsessed with Friends ha, I watched the box set whilst on maternity leave the first time around :)

      Stevie xx

  3. 16 March 2018 / 3:56 pm

    Thank you for tagging me lovely and enjoyed reading your random facts. I think our ‘fashion sense’ is very much alike and I would love to have a personal shopper for the day x

    • 16 March 2018 / 7:44 pm

      All about the comfort ha! Or the first thing that I see when I open my wardrobe when I’m still half asleep ;)

      Stevie x