Shelves - Reclaim Vital Space in your home
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Five Ways to Reclaim Vital Space in Your Home

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No matter how hard you try, it often feels like an uphill battle trying to keep the house tidy and find places for all the things we accumulate.
If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with clutter, here are five brilliant ways to take control and grab your space back.
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#1 – Cut Down on Clutter
It’s boring, but it’s got to be done. Over the years the number of things we own just grows and grows, and often cupboards end up so full of things we no longer use or want that there is no room for new stuff.
Taking this slowly is best, otherwise it can get overwhelming:
• Go room by room, starting with the least cluttered first. This gives a quick ‘success’ and is motivating to carry on.
• Be ruthless. Don’t keep things ‘just in case’ if those things have little value. If you do need it in the future, buy a new one.
• Make three piles: stuff to keep, things to toss or donate, and things to store.
• Get rid of the ‘donate’ or ‘throw away’ things immediately (using sites like Freecycle can help too) so you’re not tempted to put them back in cupboards.
After sorting out possessions like this, the decks are already much clearer.
#2 – Find Hidden Spaces
Next, find places to store things at home that make sense and keep things easy to find. Shelves up high in a room, for instance, mean you can clear the floor of bookcases or display cabinets while still having nice displays of the things that make a house a home.
Shelves - Reclaim Vital Space in your home
Other areas to tackle are under the stairs. These can be turned into cloakrooms or organised storage areas by adding a few shelves of appropriate sizes. Instead of throwing things in there in a mad jumble, organise odds and ends by type and keep them in plastic storage boxes so you can see what’s inside.
One further area is underneath the kitchen cabinets. Few people think of this area because it’s always blocked off, but why not replace kick boards with hinged flaps then use all that floor space for storage?
#3 – Create Activity Zones
This works very well if there are children in the house or you have a hobby that involves lots of pieces of kit. It’s also good for computer work.
The idea is to make a dedicated area where certain activities take place, then arrange storage nearby for all the associated equipment. This way, everything needed is to hand, and things stay neat and are less likely to get lost.
#4 – Make Use of Storage Furniture
Items like coffee tables and side tables often have drawers or shelves built in, making it easier to store gadgets such as TV remotes, game controllers or phone chargers out of sight.
Storage beds help keep bedrooms tidy and closet space free for clothes by providing space for linen, bedding or spare duvets. Use them in children’s rooms for toys or sports kit, or choose captain beds for built in wardrobes or desk spaces.
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#5 – Discover Self Storage
Renting a self storage room is like having an extension without the expense or mess. It doesn’t cost that much to rent storage space, and means you can hang onto a lot more possessions than if you were storing them all at home.
One idea is to rotate possessions in storage in step with the seasons. For instance, clear out the garage or shed over winter by moving large items like lawn mowers or patio furniture into self storage. You could do the same with clothes if your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, or with toys when items fall out of favour but are too good to give away. A big bonus is that when you get things out of storage, they feel really fresh and new again.
If you don’t want to tackle every tip here, just cherry pick the ones that would make most impact for you personally. Even just doing one of them will help you reclaim vital space in your home.


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