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Remember When… Memory Journal

I’ve started a special memory journal recently. Remember when, is a common phrase in our house. The boys love hearing stories about the things they got up to when they were younger. We have so many stories that we tell time and time again, we really have made some amazing memories over the years.


Remember When


I was thinking the other day though, that there are so many stories I haven’t ever told them. Without being morbid (though obviously I am) I thought to myself what if something happened to me, and these stories are never told to them. Or as time goes by I forget them. For stories after my youngest was four and his brother six, Si will be able to tell them in his words from his perspective, but not from before or in my words.

So I’ve decided to write them all done in a special journal for them and also for me. It will be something lovely to look back on in years to come and will also be something sincerely personal for them to share when they’re all grown up.

When ever my time does come, the chances are I won’t have a lot of money or worldly goods to give to my boys, but I’ll be leaving them something much more valuable to cherish. My memories and theirs, pages full of laughter, cheek and happy times.

I’m planning to write how I felt the first time I saw them, my proud mum moments, just anything I can think of that I want them to remember and to know.

I’ll definitely be including the time when one of my children had to be sawn out of a mini wooden seat their little chubby leg had squeezed its way through. I’ll be including the time when they both snuck out of bed before I got up (I am a ridiculously heavy sleeper) and made a breakfast picnic…. basically picture everything from the fridge and cupboard poured all over the dining room table and then four pints of milk poured on top of it – gravy granules, milk shake powder, frozen peas, fruit, yoghurt and more.

They managed to fit most food groups on to this table, the mess was epic and despite how proud of themselves they were for making ‘breakfast’, I put a lock on the kitchen door. A week or so later, they climbed through the serving hatch and did it all again. I was somewhat impressed with their stealth skills and ingenuity – this is much more¬†polite than what went through my head at the time….

Stories like this now make me smile so much, all of these plus others that I won’t write on here as they’re just for us, plus the boys would kill me…. will be going in this journal.¬†Hopefully one day, I can sit with my future grandchildren and read them the stories of what their Daddies used to get up to.

I’m not going to put it in any type of order at all, I want it to be an eclectic mix of memories as they pop into my head. I want them in future to read it and smile, laugh and remember.


Stevie x


  • Becster

    What a wonderful idea! Every January I start off writing a diary but it fades. I had thought about doing something similar to this by recording milestones in a baby book but yeah that didn’t go to plan either!

  • Eva

    Sweet idea, would love to do this! (Even though I still haven’t quite finished our wedding album yet from 3 years ago…)

  • Lucy

    Lovely idea. My mum is doing one for me, I accidentally found it as a teen but didn’t read past the 1st page. I started one for my son when he was born but have neglected it lately..and I use a ‘one line a day’ mum’s diary too…which you’ve just reminded me I have neglected this week! x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Such a lovely idea Stevie. We have a lifetime diary for each of the girls, but I’m so busy I never write in them. I must make time, it’s so important for them.

  • wendy

    Aww this is so sweet, I’m sure the boys will love reading it when they are older. That breakfast picnic sounds like it would have made a huge mess, don’t blame you for locking the door from then on!xx #picknmix

  • Catherine

    This is an amazing idea and I might even steal it for my baby. It would be an amazing gift for her 18th birthday! It’s the sort of thing that would make me cry while I was writing it though, I am just too soppy.


  • Catie: An imperfect mum

    What a lovely idea. My gran died last year and with her so many stories that we’ve forgotten or never heard so I think this is a fabulous idea. I understand that you want to keep some tale just for you too.

  • Sarah Rooftops

    So cute! I kept forgetting to write memories down when my daughter was a baby but I have a daily photo project which has kind of turned into a diary of her earlier days.


  • Su {Ethan & Evelyn}

    Aww… what a lovely idea Stevie. Time just fly as you get older and older – I was thinking about my grandkids the other day – I want to be their with them, play with them, looks after them like a proper grans do. This is such a sweet thought. I don’t know if I am able to note it down like you though as I am mostly too tired to do anything by the end of the day. lol! x

  • Carol Cameleon

    Great idea Stevie, a little treasure trove for years to come! Oh. My. Days. I couldn’t believe when I was reading about the serving hatch after the table top picnic!! thanks for hosting #picknmix

  • mummy and monkeys

    Oh wow at the breakfast picnic. Kyle once made it snow with readybrek, then another time turned himself into a power ranger by painting his arms black with my new mascara. I love his idea, I may well steal it xx

  • In The Lyons Den

    What a lovely idea! Hilarious about the legs getting stuck! That is all stuff that you will love looking back on and they will also. There are so many moments, especially little ones, that mean so much and can be so easily forgotten. Such a beautiful way to keep it all together, and I agree about it being random and not in any order. Really love.

  • Kirsten Toyne

    This is a great idea. There are so many things that I thought I would never forget and have done, like what happened last week. We do video recordings which are fun for the kids. they are lovely to look back on. #picknmix

  • Jenny

    I LOVE this idea. I started out with a baby book for both my children and failed to complete either … eek! But I now have a journal that I write in whenever we have a special moment. I love reading back over it – it’s a tear jerker! Great job!

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