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Review: Air Wars Battle Drones


We were sent a set of two Air Wars Battle Drones from MGA Entertainment to review at the end of last year, here’s what we thought of them.


Battle Drones


It took us a little while to actually get to test them out, as everyone seemed to take it in turns to be ill at the end of last year and beginning of this one. Just like 3/4 of the rest of the country!


The Air Wars Battle Drones box comes with the following inside:


One silver and one red drone

One silver and one red remote

Ten battle weapons

Eight replacement blades

Two micro charging cables

Batteries are included as well

Instruction books




Our initial impression was mostly good as the drones looked nice and colourful, but the plastic top parts did make me wonder if they would be strong enough to survive the boys playing with them.


Battle drone up close


To get started with the drones you need to pair them with the handsets by following the instructions in the instructions manual. The manual is really easy to use, well laid out and well labelled. I love the fact that there are separate instruction books for the different languages, this really does help to make the instructions easier to follow.


The drones are easy to pair, but make sure that you only do one at a time as we did manage at one point to have both drones being controlled by one controller. Our first ‘flight’ with the drones went a bit awry, they do take a bit of practice to get used to using them, as you can see below.


Drone flying or crashing


I have discovered that I am rubbish at taking photographs of moving objects, especially when they move as fast as erratically as a drone. However, the photo below despite being a little bit blurry does show just how high the drones can go. Really high.


Flying the Air Was drone


With our erratic skills at flying the drones at first, we took them outside to practice, which the boys are their friends on the street loved. We had a lot of crashes and several near misses at losing them in the hedge, but overall they were great outside. Especially with the grass to land on, the drones are a lot tougher than I expected. Even a crash on the concrete didn’t break them.


I would definitely say to go along with the 8+ recommended age on the box though, if not a little older as it is really painful if you manage to get in the way of a drone and they hit you. One smacked into my leg and despite wearing skinny jeans it really stung. There’s also the risk of getting long hair stuck in the propellers, so my advice would be to make sure that long hair is tied back as well.


If you’re sensible and stay well back from them though, they are a lot of fun to play with. You’ve probably wondering by now where the ‘battle’ part of the battle drones comes in. Well, the drones actually come with ‘weapon’ attachments that you can connect and use to fight against the other drone.


Air Wars battle drone weapons


They’re really easy to clip on and mostly stay on, though we did have a few pop off when fighting with the other drone, which was understandable. Just keep an eye out where the weapon might land if playing with them outside, especially if your grass hasn’t been cut for ages like ours.


Clip on weapon Air Wars Battle Drones


The only downside to the drones really as far as I can tell so far, is battery life. They only seem to last for around eight minutes at a time for us and then need to be recharged for over an hour. Which is fine for us with older children who understand that, but this could be frustrating for a younger child.


We just treated it as different rounds of the battle with an interval in between for the boys to do something else whilst they waited. If you’re just buying it as set of drones for a child to play with alone rather than to use in battles, then obviously with two drones they could play for twice as long.


The boys liked the battle side of things, but in all honesty actually preferred just to play with a drone each and practice flying them anyway. Overall we really like the Air Wars Battle Drones and you can buy them at Smyths, Argos and on Amazon.


Stevie x

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